Blogging Matters

Have I mentioned a thousand times yet how annoying it is to try to blog without a computer? Yes, I know I have and I’m sure you’re weary of hearing it.


Yet, in the midst of all this, I have discovered the same thing that every other blogger discovers when forced out of our realm for one reason or another– I can get a heck of a lot done when I’m unable to get on the computer! Well, I mean, I’d get a lot done if I weren’t still trying to make this all work on an itty bitty phone screen– as it is, everything takes me inarguably longer to accomplish.

But I keep doing it. Rather than shrugging my shoulders and saying, “eh, life happened– and it’s more important anyway”, I’m plugging on.

I’m not doing that because I make some giant blogging income and I need to get it done.

I’m not doing it because it’s easy for me, being so tech- and smart phone- savvy and all. (Ha!!)

I’m not doing it to prove a point.

It turns out I’m doing it because I just LOVE blogging.

I don’t really want a break from this community. I truly enjoy the chitter chatter and writing and sharing and laughing and crying and sighing and all of that!

Are there good reasons to take a break? Sure. Have there been times my writing grew a bt more sparse? Yep.

But if I’ve learned nothing else over the past ten das, it’s this–

Blogging matters to me.

It’s not a meaningless hobby. It’s not just a job.

And, so, though it takes me an obscene amount of time to type them out… and though it’s killing me to not be able to add photos to posts written on my phone anymore… and though it’s wildly frustrating to not be able to share staight to my Facebook page…

I’ll just keep on writing. Because it– and YOU!– matter.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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2 comments to Blogging Matters

  • Celine

    I am sure it is extremely frustrating. Sometimes I really miss having a computer. Sure a smartphone and tablet make it easier to stay connected but they definitely do take longer.

    Have you tried using the WordPress app to compose your posts? It isn’t as easy to use as your computer but it does make it easier then trying to access things via the web browser.

  • Katherine

    I am glad you enjoy blogging because I enjoy reading! Hope you have your computer back soon!

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