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Hey, hey! How about we go shopping together? I don’t know why, but I kind of love those posts that give me a peek into someone’s actual day– what she’s up to, what she buys, where she goes, what she spends… it might be kind of nosy, but it also just feels more personal. It makes that individual even more REAL to me, if that makes sense.


So, just for kicks, I thought we’d try something new today and I’d give you all a glimpse at my weekly shopping trip.


This is 100% everything I bought on Monday, when I realized we were woefully low on milk, produce, and a bunch of other stuff. I am withholding nothing from you all– the good, the bad, and the in-between. Interested in what made it into my cart? Well, here goes…



Stop & Shop


I started out at Stop & Shop because I wanted to check out their reduced produce rack– sadly, it was a bust. I still picked up a few things, though:


2– 5# bags unbleached flour

3 boxes protein granola bars

3 boxes pasta

Total: $2.27


Now, before you’re all, “Whoa! Groceries in Connecticut are CHEAP!”, let me explain. A couple weeks ago, my husband found a bunch of fibers in his granola bar. (Ew.) I contacted the company and they sent me coupons for four free products– two free boxes of granola bars and two items from the same family of companies. I found out Gold Medal was in that group, so I snagged two bags of unbleached flour, since I definitely use that (and Aldi doesn’t sell it.) I also found granola bars on a buy two get one free sale, so I got three for free. So there you go. I was really only paying for the (sale) pasta.


Next, I headed on to Aldi. Aldi is my happy place and it is the store where I do 90+% of my weekly shopping, I’d say.







2 bags nacho chips

1 bag corn chips

2 gallons milk

2 dozen eggs

diced tomatoes

French-cut green beans

1# butter

1 quart yogurt

4# sugar

2.3# ground beef

3 sizes tortillas

blackberry spread

peanut butter

dishwasher detergent

3# white rice

2# powdered sugar

12 oz. dark roast fair trade coffee

baby lettuce mix

3# yellow onions

3# gala apples

8 oz. mushrooms

2 bell peppers

1# baby carrots

1 pint grape tomatoes

3# bananas

Total: $49.11


I can pretty much just forget about coming home if I forget my husband’s chips. ;) That milk will last us a week and I already had almost two dozen eggs, so this addition will set us up well.


So there you go! That’s what grocery shopping looked like for me this week. I already had a fair bit of homemade bread in my freezer, plus several pounds of chicken and cooked (then frozen) pinto beans. The addition of these items should get us through nicely until next week!


Thanks for coming along shopping with me. :)



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12 comments to Weekly Shopping with JL

  • So FUN to see more grocery geek posts! It used to be that everyone did it, and now I see no one. Yay!

  • Aw, I used to do posts like this back in the day … when there were 2-3 of us and we spent $40 a week on groceries, including a lot more processed foods than I eat now (or you eat!). I went to the store today to “get a few things” and spent $110. Now I had to buy diapers, but seriously???!! I don’t even know how it happened. Hate that out-of-control feeling. I need to get to Aldi more frequently, but it’s a 20 minute drive and so has to be a planned trip!

    • When we first moved here, the closest Aldi was 45 minutes away. We used to go there once a month because I just couldn’t beat their prices on certain things. But it was a TREK. And, at the time, we had a 4yo, a 3yo, and a newborn. (I know you have a feeling what that’s like. ;) ) A couple years ago, they opened one right in my town and I pretty much happy-danced the whole 10 minute ride there.

  • earleyml

    I’ve started shopping at Aldi a lot. Their produce is good and CHEAP! When I was a teen my parents shopped at Aldi and I was embarrassed. However, now that I’m paying the bills I don’t care…it’s cheaper. That place always has a line at check-out too. I think more and more people are realizing the savings. I did buy a bag of frozen peas last week and they were freezer burned, that’s the first bad product I’ve bought.

  • Cait

    I love seeing these!

  • Sonja

    I enjoyed seeing your shopping trip. I must be nosy too, lol! I agree, it is up close & personal, makes you seem more real :) I mostly only buy produce at Aldi, love their great prices!

  • Miranda

    I love these type of posts! And I don’t recongnize the name brands or shop at your stores – ha! I’m totally nosy too ;).

  • Mary

    I don’t remember seeing people list their shopping lists, but seeing you say 2 gal milk will last you a week is a dream. We used to go through 1 gal a day till the kids cut back drinking it. But one gal less isn’t much less. Of course I’m feeding 8, 2 parents and 6 descendants, ages 26-12 (2 teenage boys in there). I shop the food ads and keep enough on hand that we seldom run out of food, just the fresh stuff that can’t be frozen or canned.

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