Menu Plan: The Due Date



It’s that time of week! The Tuesday menu plan is back again this week… :)


We’re on Spring Break– woo hoo!


So, today is April 15th, AKA “Tax Day.”



It was also my due date with my second baby.



That’s right, sweet C. was due to arrive on Tax Day, which, in 2006, was the day before Easter.
Instead, she arrived the day before Christmas, back in 2005.


It honestly blows my mind every single year when April 15th arrives and I think about just how long ago Christmas Eve really was. I mean, that’s crazy! God is so very, very good.




In totally unrelated news, here’s the whole plan for the week!


Breakfast– Pretzels, Bananas, Milk (for A., before 7:30AM Palm Sunday Mass)– Weird? Yes. But also a good way to up his salt and electrolytes before he had to stand and serve for an extended period. Gotta prevent that syncope!

Boston Cream Donuts

Lunch– Sandwiches, Crackers, Fruit, Boston Cream Donuts

D– Rotelle, Ham, and Broccoli w/ Cheese Sauce




B–Wineberry Scones, Applesauce, Milk

D–Tomato Soup, Grilled Pepperjack Sandwiches on homemade Honey Wheat Bread



B–Cereal, Greek Yogurt, Grapefruit

Carnitas & Spanish Rice Soft Tacos

D–Carnitas Soft Tacos w/ Spanish Rice



B–Blueberry Muffins, Eggs, Milk

D–Salmon, Rice, Peas (date night!)



B–Toast, Greek Yogurt, Strawberries

D–Chicken & Broccoli White Lasagna


Friday: (NO MEAT)

B–Cantaloupe Slush, Toast

Pizza Dough (1)

D- Large Cheese Pizza, Medium Mushroom & Onion Pizza



B–Ham, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches

L–Leftovers, Salads

D–…something with ground beef, but I haven’t nailed it down yet. :)


And that’s the plan! This is Holy Week, so we have a lot of preparation and celebration taking place around here. I am truly looking forward to our Faith Walk on Friday and I’m praying for cooperative weather!


What are you eating this week?

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