Menu Plan: First Holy Eucharist



It’s that time of week! The Tuesday menu plan is back again this week… :)


I must shop!!!


I have to hit the store– again– because food just disappears around here anymore. I know many of you know just what that’s like.


Speaking of heading to the store, last week I shared my shopping trip(s) with all of you in absolute full disclosure of what I buy. Is that something you found interesting? Because, me? I’m nosy. I like that kind of stuff. But I can also see how people might find it boring. I’m cool either way.


Once I hit the store, I should be all set to complete this week’s plan:



Breakfast– Cheerios, Apples, Milk (for the littles, before 7:30AM Mass)

Brunch– Scrambled Eggs, Donuts, Fruit (<– I attempted to make Boston Cream Donuts with homemade biscuit dough, as opposed to the canned stuff. Did NOT work. It absorbed too much grease and was too flaky, overall. Boo. :( )

D– Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s — chicken, potatoes, salad, fruit, corn, etc.



B–Yogurt, Granola (I used lemon oil and cinnamon in lieu of the orange and ginger.)

D–Beef & Rice Burritos, Salad



B–PB Toast w/ Banana Slices, Yogurt

D–Creamy Chicken & Veggies over Bowties



B–Blackberry Lime Scones, Apples, Milk

Carnitas & Spanish Rice Soft Tacos

D– Carnitas Soft Tacos (we just ate these, but I found a great deal on pork and everyone LOVES them!)



B–French Toast w/ Berries, Milk



D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night!)



B–Cinnamon Sugar Toast, Eggs, Milk

Pizza Dough (1)

D- Large Ham Pizza, Medium Cheese Pizza



B–Broccoli Egg & Cheese Skillets

L–Leftovers, Salads

~~Cake and Coffee following A’s First Holy Communion!~~

D–Fettucine Alfredo w/ Chicken, Salad



I can’t even lie. I am so very excited about A’s First Communion this Saturday. He is so incredibly prepared and the significance is in no way lost on him. Honestly? It kind of is for a lot of 2nd or 3rd graders. I would say I didn’t entirely “get it” when I was that age. So I– and our whole Mass family– are so very thrilled for him! He’s the only one who goes to 7:30AM Mass who’s receiving it this year, so he’s got a lot of people who’ve been watching his journey. :) (Thanks for letting me gush a bit about that– I’m just so happy for him!!!)


And that’s our meal plan!


What are you eating this week?

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1 comment to Menu Plan: First Holy Eucharist

  • Kelley

    Yes Please!!! I loved the shopping post. I miss the days of “real life” blogging. Guess that makes me nosy too! The real life is what keeps me coming back. Keep up the great work! I will read anything you post!!

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