Menu Plan: Can’t wait ’til Friday!



It’s that time of week! The Tuesday menu plan is back again this week… :)


Happy April! Forget all that April Fool’s nonsense– I’ve never been a fan. Let’s just celebrate the first FULL month of Spring, shall we?


This week’s menu plan all looks pretty tasty to me, but, far in away, the meal I’m MOST looking forward to is Friday’s. Seriously. I. Cannot. Wait. Wanna know why? Well go check it out!


Here’s the whole plan for this week!


Breakfast– Cereal, Apples, Milk (for the littles, before 7:30AM Mass)

Brunch– Waffles, Pears, Milk (<– both my girls informed me that, “these waffles taste funny… kind of yucky… but I can eat it if I drink milk at the same time.” Gee, thanks, ladies.)

D– Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s– ribs, veggies, garlic bread, fruit, salad (a grilled chicken breast for me! I don’t like ribs. And my dad knows that and indulges me by tossing some chicken on the grill. :) )



B–Blueberry Bagels, Pears, Milk (<–I usually make our bagels, but I didn’t make those. Lenders did. I’m not ashamed to take a helping hand every now and again.)

Carnitas & Spanish Rice Soft Tacos

D–Carnitas & Spanish Rice Soft Tacos (I made a giant batch of these a couple weeks ago– this is the overflow I froze.)



B–Greek Yogurt, Blueberry Cream Muffins (What in the world? I’ve never shared that recipe? I need to get on that…)

D–Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Green Beans



B–Scr. Eggs, Blueberry Muffins, Bananas, Milk

D–Chicken Burritos & Steak Fajitas (I’ve got lots of peppers and onions to use up!)



B–Toast w/ PB, Bananas, Milk

D–Mac & Cheese, Broccoli


Friday: (NO MEAT)

B–Scr. Eggs, Cereal, Apples, Milk

D- I DON’T KNOW!!!! We’re going out to dinner this night. Just the two of us. My kids will be sleeping over at Bama & Papa’s house. To say I’m a little excited would be a vast understatement…



How to Make Perfect & Easy Hollandaise Sauce

B–Eggs Benedict

L–Leftovers, Salads

D–Stelline Soup, Breadsticks


And that’s the plan! Can I tell you what my very favorite thing has been lately? Cooking dinner while it’s still totally light outside!! I am SUCH a lover of light and it just thrills me to no end to have light lingering well into the evenings these days. I guess it’s nice that I was born on June 20th, eh? God gave me abundant light for my very first birthday gift! :)


What are you eating this week?

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