Menu Plan: Bottomless Pits



It’s that time of week! The Tuesday menu plan is back again this week… :)


We headed back to school this week– boo. :( Actually, it’s all good, but I could’ve used another day or two off with my little peeps!


I had to hit the grocery store, somewhat unexpectedly, yesterday, when I realized that I did not have a single piece of produce in my house. Save for a cup or so of applesauce and some sad frozen peas and corn, there was nary a fruit or vegetable to be found! Also? Out of milk.


I am truly feeding bottomless pits these days and it’s taking its toll on our food supply! The 9″x13″ pan of lasagna I made last Thursday? After I took out a piece for my husband, the children proceeded to kill off the entire rest of the pan– the whole thing! Mama didn’t even get a single piece!




Easter Sunday found our son eating two big cinnamon rolls, a bunch of sausage links, five eggs, a bowl of Cheerios, and an apple– not to mention the candy pieces here and there– all before 10AM.


Suffice it to say, we may have to reevaluate our grocery budget and adjust accordingly. Since that child is pushing five feet tall and is incredibly slim, I’m not really after limiting his food intake. :)


With our newly purchased food on hand, here’s the whole plan for the week!


Breakfast– Cheerios, Apples, Milk (for the littles, before 7:30AM Mass

Brunch– Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs, Sausages, Fruit

D– (at Bama & Papa’s) Ham, Potatoes, Asparagus, Salad, Carrots, Challah, etc.




B–Challah Roll Egg Sandwiches, Apples, Milk


D– Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles with Carrots & Chicken



B–Granola, Applesauce, Milk

D–Spaghetti w/ Meatballs, Asparagus



B–Challah French Toast, Bananas, Yogurt


D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night!)



B–Toast w/ PB & Bananas

D–Chicken Fajitas



B–Cinnamon Sugar Toast, Apples, Milk

Pizza Dough (1)

D- Large Pepperoni Pizza, Medium Mushroom Pizza



B–Tex Mex Egg Wraps

L–Leftovers, Salads

D–Chicken & Veggie Alphabet Soup, Grilled Cheese


And that’s the plan!


What are you eating this week?

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2 comments to Menu Plan: Bottomless Pits

  • I just want to tell you how much I admire your menu planning! I know you are a foodie and it shows, yet you plan things that don’t cost an arm and a leg. And your kids eat them! Do they snack a lot? I am trying to cut back on snacking here.

    I am going to make those Hot and Sour noodles this week! I’ve made peanut noodles before but a little differently. I have some broccoli and chicken in the freezer begging to go in Asian food. :)

    • Mmm… broccoli and chicken. You can’t go wrong with that pair! :)

      My kids do not snack a lot. They each eat one snack a day, on average. If they’re hungry beyond that? I offer veggies 90% of the time. Not even fruit– veggies. If they’re hungry, they totally take me up on it. And that’s great! Veggies never spoiled anyone’s dinner. ;)

      The Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles are delicious, easy, and cheap. Because of the red pepper flakes, they DO have a kick and, if I remember correctly, you’re sometimes sensitive to spicy foods. You might want to reduce it to 1/4 teaspoon or let people add them as desired at the end. We all love them in there, but I wouldn’t want the heat to ruin it for you!

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