It’s All Good



Last night, I heard the wind whipping. I compulsively checked the temp on my phone to confirm that, yes, it was still above freezing.


Rattling and howling and creaking surrounded us as we snuggled under blankets and got a chuckle over how we had just gone out for fro-yo and our son’s cheeks still bore a trace of sunburn from the day before.


I knew it was getting colder and I knew the rain had swept in. I even knew that there had been murmurings about a “wintry mix” that I had chosen to ignore.


I did not know that this was going to happen.


snowy April


Like much of the country, I’ve the rug pulled out from under me. Don’t get me wrong– those in the midwest and plains states had to know that 80s weren’t typical April weather, just as we knew that 70s weren’t typical April temps here.


That didn’t stop us from loving it, though.


I sighed as I pulled out long sleeves, long pants, and socks for my girls. I frowned out the window and declared, “I could just cry, seeing this snow in mid-April.”


And, clearly inspired by Pete the Cat (as we ALL should be, quite frankly), my youngest’s silvery voice rang out:


“Not me! Snow comes and snow goes. It’s all good.”


And you know what?


G.– and Pete– are right.



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5 comments to It’s All Good

  • Dawn

    Yup! We had the same blast of arctic air blow through, carrying our frozen April showers with it. I considered being annoyed, then decided it wasn’t worth the energy. I looked at the weather forecast, saw that we’d have snow for maybe two days, then said to my kids, “The snow came back! We get a winter-spring! Get your snowsuits on, you get to play in the snow again today!” I heard a lot of grumbles about the snow yesterday, and to each one I replied, “It’s only for a day or two, then it’ll be gone again, I promise. Until then, why not embrace the snow?” Then I’d grin and point out the kids cheerfully playing in the snow. It’s a great example of taking whatever the day gives you. :)

    • Oh, you have a great attitude, Dawn! Me? Notsomuch, I guess! Good thing I have little people around to remind me. :)

      • Dawn

        I think it was just that I could see it wouldn’t be around for very long. If I saw an entire forecast full of snow in the middle of April, I think I might grumble too. Knowing it would soon end makes it so much more bearable. Once I had decided to accept it though, I was able to enjoy it. :) I walked into the animal shelter where I volunteer singing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I got a few glares, but pretty soon they had accepted the snow too. I think we all need someone to remind us that today is just one day, and even if it’s not what we wanted it to be, tomorrow might be better.

  • earleyml

    “My button, my button…” Have you read that Pete the Cat book? My oldest LOVES it. :D

  • Mary

    Every year as our kids have spring break we go visit their grandmother in Utah. By spring break it is “SPRING” for us in southeast Washington. We may still be getting freezing night temps and the days may not always be “WARM” but it feels warm enough to go without our coats.
    Anyway, every year, without fail, it snows while we are visiting. Not a heavy snow, and it doesn’t stick around long, nor is it enough to play in. We never know if it will only be one day or, like this year, every day we are there.
    Where we live we don’t get much snow, so our kids don’t really care for it, and don’t really like playing in it. And since we, as the parents, both grew up where it snowed alot in the winter, we just go about with our plans.
    I will admit, I wish our snow at home would be enough, at least once a year, to really play in. But as my kids don’t care, I don’t worry about it, I enjoy the days as best as I can, most of the time I enjoy them a lot.

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