(Wildly Easy) St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece



I really, REALLY do not enjoy long, drawn-out crafty projects. I used to say “I’m not crafty,” but I’ve been called out on that before because, when push comes to shove, I can do the creative, crafty stuff. I just don’t enjoy it.


I also really, really do NOT like having a lot of seasonal clutter rolling around. While I admire all those different mantels and wreaths and buntings and what-not that some women create for their homes, the sheer logistics of storing all that stuff is enough to give me hives.


But… I have little kids. And, though I certainly realize they don’t need it, I’d be lying if I told you they didn’t enjoy all the various holiday trappings. So, I try to celebrate each season in very simple ways. For Valentine’s day, I had a special canister, some pink candles, and a string of red twinkle lights. Nothing major, but enough that they felt celebratory.


Next up on the “minor holiday” chain? St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not Irish, though some people think I look it with all this green in my eyes. ;) But I married a very Irish boy– as in, his grandparents came over on the boat! So, since that means I also have Irish kiddos, I choose to make the day a little special.


But, again, I’m not all that into going crazy with the decor stuff. It’s just not my wheelhouse. I have a pretty little hand towel with shamrocks on it. A flat (<– read: easy to store) door decoration. And, as of yesterday, a fun little centerpiece. See?

St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece


I’m a big ol’ fan of consumable things, since they don’t need to be saved and stored. So, when I looked at my sad and empty table, I got to thinking…


That pretty glass bowl was a wedding gift from dear friends. They got it in Sweden and it’s such a simple, lovely shape. I don’t really know when I acquired those green and clear crystals and marbles, but they sell them everywhere– Walmart, Target, Michaels, even the dollar store sometimes. I nestled another glass dish inside it and wondered what festive-looking thing I could put in there? I thought about getting some cute shamrock-y or rainbow-y or pot-o’-gold-y things to fill it but, in the end, I didn’t want more clutter.


So I looked for green candies.


Seriously, I went to the dollar store and just grabbed bags of green stuff. I poured it in the bowl and called it a day. My children? Are DELIGHTED.


I share all this, not because this is some grand tutorial, but because I really want to encourage you to honor your strengths and personality. If you really don’t want to “do” the holidays? Then don’t! If you love to do it up big and have no issue storing boxes of festive stuff? Go for it! But if, like me, you really like have holiday touches, but just can’t stomach the grand projects, have no fear– there are ways we can feel festive, too.


Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day fun? Check out these tasty green recipes to get in the spirit!

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  • Sonja

    I love easy! I just put away all my snowmen and snowflakes and my 3yo is very upset that I “undecorated” you have inspired me to decorate with a couple green things I have, thanks!

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