Nailed it, indeed.

I was scrolling through Facebook and she noticed it.


“Aw!” she exclaimed.

I stopped to see what had caught her eye.

It turns out it was a funny little graphic– one of those shots comparing an image from Pinterest to the actual results someone got when attempting it. These are frequently pretty amusing and, often, come with the label “nailed it,” because, well, that’s funny.

Pinterest is its own world and, let’s face it, the images we find there are, by design, frequently pristine and perfect and out of most amateurs’ grasps.

But she had said “aw,” so I paused. I hovered on the image and let her take it all in. She pointed and said, “I like that!”

pinterest lamb

“Which one?” I asked, out of curiosity.

She looked again. Thought for a second. “Both of them.”

“But which do you like BETTER?” I pressed.

“Eenie meenie miney mo… ”

I laughed. “C’mon, Sweetie. Surely you like one better. It doesn’t matter; I’m just curious!”

She looked again.

And pointed to the bottom one.

“I like this one. Because it looks like a yummy cake someone worked hard to make. I’d love to eat that. Is that other one even food? I can’t tell.”

So I just want you to know, whoever made that bottom lamb cake…

You nailed it. You did.

You created a lovely, yummy-looking, recognizable lamb cake. Anyone looking at it can tell that you care. Anyone looking at it can see the love and effort that went into it.

Sometimes it just takes a four-year-old to remind us.

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