A Week of Preschool Lunches



I post my menu plans around here pretty regularly. After a bit of a hiatus (mainly because I became convinced it was no longer “cool” to blog about your meals), I came back and figured I didn’t much care if I was cool or not.


For those plans, I include a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the weekend days and breakfast and dinner for the weekdays. That’s all well and good and I have a good reason for it– for the most part, my two older kids and my husband take leftovers for their lunches at school and work, respectively.


Nonetheless, I’ve received a couple emails wondering, “What do you eat for lunch?” Well, as I said already, most of us are eating leftovers. I happen to eat a lot of salads, often incorporating leftovers. As for the preschooler? Well, I decided I’d just go ahead and show you.


So, for better or worse, here are six days’ worth of lunches that my four-year-old ate. She liked every one of them and did indeed finish all of them. (I used these partitioned dishes for this because it makes it easy to see everything, but, really, she’s not fussy about her foods touching.)


Day 1:

Preschool Lunch #1



Day 2:

Preschool Lunch #2




Day 3:

Preschool Lunch #4



Day 4:

Preschool Lunch #3


Day 5:

Preschool Lunch #5




Day 6:

Preschool Lunch #6



I showed these shots to a friend who has frequently remarked about my “good eaters” just to see what she thought. These were some of the things she pointed out:


1. “She eats a LOT of salads and apples.”


Yes. Yes, she does. There are two main reasons for that– first, she likes them both. Second, those items were very inexpensive at the store this past week. So there you go.



2. “You use odd proportions for your fruits and veggies versus starches.”


I guess I kind of do, compared to how most people eat. Fact is, my preschooler absolutely loves fruits and vegetables and I feel good giving them to her. Half a plate covered in peas? May not be typical. But that doesn’t make it bad, either.



3. “What’s all the white stuff?”


Ranch dressing. Proof that she’s a normal little kid. ;)



4. “Do you serve dessert?”


Yep. Most times. It’s usually something very small, like five to ten chocolate chips, but I do let her have something sweet after her meal. Do I think that’s necessary? Nah. Of course not. But I’m also not losing any sleep over it.



So that’s that!


The takeaway here? I don’t really know, exactly. Mainly I just wanted to answer the question since it had been asked. But I guess that, if I hoped you’d glean anything at all from this, it is simply that lunch needn’t be any kind of big deal. It shouldn’t require jumping through hoops or buying all sorts of specialty foods. Sometimes, simple is the best way to go.

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2 comments to A Week of Preschool Lunches

  • Celine

    ove seeing G’s lunches. Those are very similar to what my 3yr old likes. There has been many a day when she asks for salad for lunch, especially if it includes tomatoes. I like the focus on fruits and especially veggies. Most kids have no issue eating plenty of grains. Veggies on the other hand are extremely lacking in most kids diets, yet they are the most nutritious.

    • G. really doesn’t like starchy food all that much, but I’m not at all stressed about that!:) You’re right– most kids actually eat too much of that stuff if left to their own devices.

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