Snacks to Bring Smiles



So, listen…


I’m a huge advocate of things like cheese and fruit for snacks– they’re easy, readily available, and popular with a wide audience. I buy them, I serve them, I eat them, I like them. We all do, really.


I also like things like chips and sweet cereal. It’s just the pure truth. All the fruit and cheese in the world– despite my love of them!– hasn’t really changed that. I might change the behavior, but I haven’t been able to change that truth. ;)


I’ve always liked sweet-flavored cereals. Whether there are marshmallows, chocolate, or sweet little granola clusters involved, I’m pretty much a fan. Honestly, I don’t really eat them for breakfast– I just love them for snacking. They make me smile. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or just my taste or what, but I love digging into a new, sweet flavor of cereal for a treat here and there.


And you know when that was the MOST true?

When we were living at the Ronald McDonald House, following C’s wildly early birth.


During our 100 night stay, we relied heavily on the wonderfully generous donations of the community. Not only did companies, churches, groups, and families come in and cook meals for us from time-to-time (and that was AMAZING, by the way), they also kept a well-stocked pantry in the House that we could access at any time. It was a tremendous blessing and so very convenient.


Pretty much anything we “needed” was there– rice, pasta, canned vegetables, some canned fruits, oatmeal, and very simple cereals. We were so grateful for these items and put them to good use.


Still, I will tell you that, from time to time, “extras” would show up. These might be packaged cookies. A bag of potato chips. Cinnamon graham crackers.


Or a box of sweetened cereal.


Big G Cereals


Here’s the thing– most of the items donated to the Ronald McDonald House were those that were very simple, plain, and needed. And that’s wonderful. Truly.


But you know what? Those special, sweeter cereals were such a treat during a very difficult time. I can still remember the smiles that all of us shared when we saw these not-so-common flavors pop up.


Those are the memories that rushed to mind when I had the chance to try three new Big G cereal flavors. These included:


Multigrain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch: Dark chocolate flavored O’s and clusters coming together to make wholesome Multi Grain Cheerios even more delicious!

Fiber One Protein: The powerful combination of Protein and Fiber in a delicious granola cereal that helps you feel full!

Chocolate Toast Crunch: The irresistible squares you love now with the delicious taste of Chocolate!


I was immediately transported back in time and I couldn’t help but think about what a special treat these cereals could be. Because, sometimes? It’s something as simple as a chocolaty crunch that brightens a day.



Note: I am a firm believe that, when donating, we need to consider the needs of a community and organization. I believe in making smart, healthy choices. I also believe that everyone deserves a treat, perhaps most especially those going through a hard time.


Disclosure: General Mills sent me this information and these new Big Cereals through their Platefull Co-op program.
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