Menu Plan: Cravings During Snowstorms


  It’s snowing out there as I write this! It was kind of an unexpected snow. I mean, we expected 1 – 2″ of snow, but that’s not anything to freak out about up here. Sometime overnight, however, the forecast changed to about 6″ of snow throughout the day and that’s a different story!


So, my whole plan changed and, instead of grocery shopping by myself while G. is in her one day a week preschool, I’m hanging with all three kiddos.   Because we’re also expecting another eight inches in two days, I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to be grocery shopping. Ah, well. We’ll survive! Just don’t be surprised if this plan doesn’t go off without a hitch… ;)


Here’s what we’ve eaten and what we’ll be eating, best as I can predict!



Breakfast– Cereal, Apple Juice (for the littles, before 7:30AM Mass)

(It was coffee & donut Sunday, so my kids had MORE apple juice, plus a half a donut each. By the time this day is done, the amount of juice consumed is staggering…)

Brunch– Family party to celebrate A’s birthday!!– Cinnamon Sugar Oven Pancake; Scrambled Eggs with Bacon; Scrambled Eggs with Melted Co-Jack, Salsa, & Avocado; Grapes; Apple Slices; Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Milk, Coffee; Chocolate Oreo Cake

D– Super Bowl food! We had chips, buffalo chicken strips (I basically used this recipe), and deep dish pizza. Other than the chips, I made it all from scratch and that saved us a BUNDLE.  



B–Homemade Rolls w/ Jam, Apples, Milk

D–BBQ Ham over Rice, Green Beans (<– this should have been over egg noodles, but I don’t have any and I can’t get out! So– rice.)



B–Eggs, Toasted Beer Bread, Grapes, Orange Juice

D–Buffalo Chicken Wraps (we had leftovers!), Carrot Sticks



B–P,B,&J Sourdough English Muffins, Apples, Milk

D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night!) <– this is the plan, as I type this. Weather may prevent it.



B–Maple Apple Oatmeal, Milk

D–Ham & Bean Soup (I have more ham than bacon right now, so I’m make that work), Homemade Bread



B–Banana Ginger Smoothies, Toast

D–Large Ham & Mushroom Pizza and Medium TOM (tomato, onion, & mushroom– one of my faves!!!) Pizza



B–Scrambled Eggs w/ Broccoli & Cheese, Toast, OJ

L–Salads (w/ assorted veggies and proteins), Toasted Pitas

D–Crockpot Sesame Chicken over rice  


So that’s the plan around here! We’ll see how it works out. I’m pretty worried about that date night situation. You know what’ll probably happen? It’ll be snowy and icy and awful out there and I’ll start craving what I ALWAYS crave when it gets nasty out. Just ask my husband. He could tell you. The moment the roads turn treacherous, for some reason, I always say, “You know what sounds so good right now? Chinese takeout.”


True story.


What are you eating this week?

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2 comments to Menu Plan: Cravings During Snowstorms

  • Amanda

    Your craving is like my Chickfila craving. I always want it on Sunday, the one day a week they are not open.

  • My best friend, my now-husband, and I ordered Chinese the one time we had a snowstorm while we were in college. The poor delivery guy had to traipse around campus in the snow to try to find us in my dorm. Then we spent two days eating Chinese and playing original Nintendo. (NOT because we’re that old! Having one made me famous!)

    Snow must equal Chinese food in the brain somewhere. Heck, I crave Chinese food half the time. I still miss real food from China and it’s been 12 years since I was there.

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