Marvel Super Heroes Mashers (review)




(I was provided with toys– yay!– and compensation in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts with you all about this product. All opinions and embarrassing revelations are completely and totally my own.)


Let me start out by being perfectly honest with you all– I am totally lacking in super hero knowledge. Seriously. I can recognize the Incredible Hulk. And I can remember having some rockin’ Underoos as a very little girl. But I really don’t know squat about the various story lines of the shows and movies as of late.


What I do not lack, however, is an understanding of why super heroes (and super villains, for that matter) are so fascinating and fun for children. What’s not to like about someone who can accomplish amazing feats and save the day? On the flip side, there’s something appealing about having a bad guy we can all agree to love to hate.


So, though I (admittedly) couldn’t have named the heroes without reading their names off the packaging, I was so excited to share these Marvel Super Heroes Mashers with my kiddos. I knew they’d be eager to learn their stories and explore their abilities– I learned they were already a bit more super hero-savvy than their mama, but they still had things to discover.


The idea here is pretty simple– the various body parts and accessories of the characters are completely interchangeable, thus allowing kids to create all sort of silly new heroes (or villains!) With more than twenty unique Marvel Super Hero Mashers planned for 2014, there are tons of ways for kids to mash them all together.


I was missing a child when I pulled these fun little guys out– she was off creating a papier-mâché horse at an art center– but my oldest and youngest had a blast working together to create two all-new super heroes! (Full disclosure? They may have fought over the shield and the gun. What can I say? There were some cool accessories involved.)


When they were finally satisfied with their creations, they named them Astro America and Super Hero Gungnir. My husband informs me that’s there’s a Nordic weapon reference in there but, honestly, it went right over my head.


The Marvel Super Hero Mashers kept my kids very content for a good long stretch on a cold, gloomy day. And that’s a win! What I like just as much is that these toys don’t take up a lot of space. When they were done? They were easily cleaned up. Of course, they showed back up when my nephews were over the next day…


But that’s the beauty of toys that have lasting playing power, right?


To learn even more about Marvel Super Hero Mashers, you can visit their website right here


And tell me– I already confessed that I would likely earn a D- for super hero knowledge. What would your grade be?

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5 comments to Marvel Super Heroes Mashers (review)

  • earleyml

    I am probably a C. I know a few and that’s mostly due to my husband enjoying those comic related movies. Beyond that, I don’t know much and I’m awful with vilian names. I have two little girls. Ask me princesses and I’d probably get an A-.

    • Oh, my princess knowledge far exceeds my super hero knowledge! Honestly, though, what always makes me giggle is the amazing princess knowledge that so many dads of girls (including my husband) possess. I find that just charming. :)

  • We’re up to our eyeballs in super heros over here! My son loves them and my step-dad is an expert at all things Marvel/DC comics.

    I don’t think my perfectionist son would mis-match them though! I could hear some definite arguing going on over which shield went with which guy. (because my daughter on the other hand loves to be different)

    • You know, I had wondered about that! I figured there’d be kids who might be a tad mortified by the “mixing it up” element. My kids thought it was hysterical, and I’m sure lots do, but I’m also sure your son’s not alone. :)

  • He’s pretty particular. Because if Thor’s hammer is in Iron Man’s hand and Captain America has the thrusters….. world war three will break out in our house until all is fixed. :-D

    Also? it drives me crazy to have a child so much like myself. ;-)

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