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So, I’ve had a few years of practice packing lunches and snacks. Did you know that most kids these days have a designated “snacktime” at some point during the day? And that they have all-day access to water bottles? While I’m not arguing with either of these ideas, it’s still a little foreign to me. I remember having to wait to snag a quick sip of water from that communal water fountain here and there, if the chance arose!


Anyway, I pack my kids’ lunches for them, despite all those savvy mothers of many who have advised me that they are perfectly capable of doing this themselves. I’ve no doubt they are, really. Let’s just say I’m a little bit of a control freak about the food in this house. ;)

So, I pack the lunches and, since I also try to keep to a pretty strict budget, I don’t often purchase convenient, single-serve items. Some exceptions might include the occasional box of granola bars or some string cheese now and again. But, for the most part, I take it upon myself to package up the snacks.



Some of our favorites?

  • pretzels
  • apples
  • clementines
  • bananas
  • grapes (once they’re out of kindergarten– they made me cut them until they were in 1st grade!!!)
  • cheese, cut in slices or sticks
  • muffins
  • raisins/craisins
  • peas (yes, really)
  • yogurt
  • cereal


Of those snacks, my kids have their favorites, of course, but I will say that cereal is almost always well-received. Since they typically enjoy their “cereal breakfast” on Sundays, they’re very excited to see it make a weekday appearance!


And, let’s be honest, they might be a little like their mama– I’ve confessed to having a weakness for snacking on cereal before. ;)



Recently, I was provided with a box of Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios® by General Mills to try out. Let me just tell you– there was some excited little people around here!


“Chocolate Cheerios®?” my oldest exclaimed, “That’s amazing!”


To be completely honest, I’m much more like to serve up the original “yellow box” Cheerios® around here, so my children haven’t had much exposure to the sweeter varieties. They were very excited to give them a shot– and, not gonna lie, so was I. I may, in fact, have eaten the lion’s share of that box. *cough*


You can find out more about Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios® — and as of this writing you can get a coupon!– at the Cheerios® website.


I gotta admit, I kind of dig this new cereal. Tell me, what’s YOUR favorite variety of Cheerios®?

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