A Day to Celebrate Love? Yes, Please!!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


My stunning Valentine’s view today.


It’s no secret that I absolutely love this day. I’ve loved it my whole life, as least as far back as I can remember. I loved it the years I was dating and I loved it the years I was not. I’ve loved it when we were in a glorious patch of our marriage and I’ve loved it when we faced joblessness, illnesses, or a baby in the NICU.


I love the whole idea of taking a day to just bubble over with love and affection. And, I won’t lie, I rather enjoy being on the receiving end of it, too!


This passion for Valentine’s Day is well-documented in this here blog, going back a full five years to my first V.Day of posting when I shared not one, but TWELVE reasons that I’m in love with this holiday.


Curious what I came up with? Want to see my awkward posts and truly lousy pictures? Well hop on back in time with me…


Twelve Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 1: Conversation Hearts

Day 2: Red & Pink

Day 3: Scarlet Pedicures

Day 4: Minimal Decorations

Day 5: Flowers

Day 6: Little Valentines

Day 7: Berries & Cream

Day 8: Sharing Valentines with Others

Day 9: Hearts

Day 10: Wearing Rubies

Day 11: Lacy, Girly Things

Day 12: A Man Who Makes it Special


And, when you’re done laughing at all that, tell me– Valentine’s Day: love it, hate it, or meh

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