The Good Word



I didn’t even notice her approach, so engrossed was I in the pages before me. Honestly, I was struggling a bit to keep the names straight (you know I can’t lie to you all), but I was very focused.



“Are you enjoying some good word?” she asked, a warm smile on her face.


I startled, then looked up and smiled back. “Yes. Yep, I sure am.”


“I just had to stop and say something– I saw you sitting there on that bench, reading the Bible, and it just warmed me right through. We need to see that. All of us. But for you to sit here in the middle of the school, reading the Good Book, well, I just thank you for that. It makes a difference.”


And she was off, before I could say another word.


It made me wonder… does it make a difference? Just… that? Is there power in just quietly reading the word of God without really saying anything or preaching anything or proclaiming anything?


Is there something to be said for just being kind, open, loving, and gracious… and reading a book?


Maybe she realized something I’ve missed all these years. Maybe the simple action of quietly soaking in Truth while outwardly showing peace and gentleness could go a really, really long way…


Maybe just that could actually make a difference.


I’m not really sure, to be honest. But it’s just something I’m thinking about today.

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  • earleyml

    I don’t remember who or where I heard this but someone said how much an impact it made on their chidlren to have them see mom and dad quietly sitting reading their Bibles and praying daily. It sure makes me feel happy when I see someone sitting reading their Bible. :)

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