Repurposing Shot Glasses



So, I’ve got these shot glasses rolling around in my cabinet.


What? I went to college.


Anyway, I have these shot glasses that I no longer use. Because, you know, your thirties are NOT the decade to be doing shots, this much I know to be true. I can still enjoy a glass of wine, mixed drink, spiked cocoa, or fancy blended concoction, sure. But, despite what college friends might tell you about me, I’m not one for shots these days.


So, if I’M too old for shots, who’s going to use these glasses? I don’t like throwing out things that can still be put to good use, after all.


And then it hit me–


I can serve shots to my kids!


And so I do.

I fill each shot glass about 1/3 full with ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Then, I stuff a bunch of carrot sticks in there.

They think the tiny little glasses are awesome.

I like that the whole snack/side-dish is contained.

And the shot glasses’ usefulness lives on. :)

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