JL Answers the Search Box, Volume 4


After a several month hiatus–  JL Answers the Search Box is b-b-a-a-c-c-k-k!!


I don’t know how I forgot about this particular gem. I think because 1) it’s something I don’t do on a weekly basis and 2) it’s not something I can really “do ahead”, I just got distracted somewhere along the line. Still, it makes me giggle and I know I’m not the only one, so, without further ado, I present…



JessieLeigh Answers the Search Box, volume 4


1. “baby butter biscuits”


What is this? Tongue twister day? Say THAT five times fast!

Oh, wait. BISCUITS. Perhaps it’s just getting all British up in here. In that case, you’ll probably enjoy these cookies, er, BISCUITS.


2. “dorm slut tumblr?”


You are in the wrong place, my friend. First of all, I no longer live in a dorm. Second of all, I am not, nor ever was, a “slut.” Third, I highly object to the use of the word “slut”, period. And, finally, I’ve never used Tumblr. So, you know, I’m sure you’re thrilled to be here. I’m guessing Google dumped you here and you were highly disappointed. Sorry not sorry.


3. “how to honor a husband that doesn’t want sex” 


I feel confused. No, really. We all know I’m not opposed to sex, particularly hot, married sex. And I’m a big fan of this whole “honor your spouse” thing, too. What I don’t really get is the correlation here. Is sex really the only way you can think of to honor your relationship? Because, if so, I’m not trying to be harsh– but that might be part of what’s behind his disinterest in the sack. So, off the top of my head, here are a few ideas–

  • Respect his ideas.
  • Speak highly of him.
  • Value his opinion.
  • Acknowledge all he does for your family.

If you’re doing all of that already and he’s still resistant to any sort of intimate interludes, you might want to consult with someone much smarter than Google. Wishing you the best!


4. “can you add meat to tomato soup?”


Why the heck not? Oh, wait… did you mean RAW meat, by any chance? I wouldn’t do that. I mean, unless you want to boil the stuff for awhile. Then it’s probably fine. But… I wouldn’t.


5. “What’s the deal with last-born children?”


THEY ARE AWESOME. (That is all.)


6. “How big is a centimeter?”


Really? You wound up here with that search? A centimeter’s not very big. There are 2.54 of them in an inch. I’d show you here, but, you know, it’s going to be inconsistent based on screen size. Next time, I seriously recommend using a ruler and not a computer to answer that question.


7. “hot cocoa wine with little ones”


Because it hurts my head otherwise, I’m just going to assume you’re either making hot cocoa to placate whiny little ones or serving up some vino for the grown people and hot cocoa for the younger set. Either way, you probably landed here where I gave suggestions for cooling super hot cocoa quickly. (Spoiler alert– I do NOT recommend adding wine to cocoa in that post.) 


8. “once a pawn a time chess review”


I’ve never even heard of such a thing, which makes it beyond bizarre that you ended up here. But I am intrigued! I love a good, punny name. Here’s the game, for those of you, like me, who are interested. Looks fun!


9. “What is every parents worst nightmare?”


Every parent? Not sure. I can only speak for me, and, well, it’s not having one of my kids get pregnant as a teen. That much I can tell you. More on that right here.


(And… drumroll, please… you knew it was coming– )


10.  “fisher price replacement balls ball poop?”


Ball poop. I’ve got nothing to add here, people. :)



(If you missed them, or just need a giggle, here are: Volume 1 Volume 2, and Volume 3)

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