Simple, Elegant Snowflake Wreath (for about a buck)


Holiday decor doesn’t have to bust the budget! You also don’t need to be super crafty. This simple, elegant wreath comes together in about 15 minutes and costs only a buck or two.



I am NOT crafty.


There, I said it.


I mean, I’m creative in the kitchen. And I’m not anti-projects, necessarily, but I would never describe myself as a super crafter. It is not my gift and I don’t particularly enjoy it.


That means that, for me, this wreath was a big achievement. It also means that, if I could do it, you can definitely do it. Really, even if you decide you don’t love it, you won’t have wasted much time or money at all, so I think it’s totally worth a shot.


To begin, you need some cardboard. It can be anything, really. I used a cereal box because it’s easier to cut than some other cardboards. Also? It was free, since it was headed for the recycle, anyway:



As you can see, I totally free-handed a circle-esque shape. It’s not even close to perfect. Doesn’t matter– you’re going to cover it up anyway.


Next up is covering the drab brown. I used a silver Sharpie because I had one handy and they dry pretty much instantaneously, which pleases my impatient soul. Paint would work equally well, but you will need to allow drying time.



You really can’t get that part wrong, either. You’re just covering the whole thing. Easy peasy.


Now, we’ll add the snowflakes. I bought a five-pack of glittery snowflake ornaments at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a buck. This was the ONLY thing I bought for this project.


To attach them, I used a glue gun– again, because I have one and because it’s quick. If you don’t own one, don’t go out and buy one. The snowflakes are light and regular glue will hold them just fine; you’ll just need to allow ample drying time.



The snowflakes mostly covered the circle. For the little patch remaining, I just attached a pre-made silver bow that was rolling around in my Christmas decorations.



And that’s it!


The snowflakes have little spaces built in that provide great hanging spots, so I didn’t even attach a hanging ribbon. I hung it on a nail and called it a day.


This is truly an ideal craft for the non-crafter who wants to create something simple and lovely.


Let me know if you give it a try!

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