Look Inside the Retail Sandwich



We’re gorging on a delicious retail sandwich right now, my friends.


Friday, also known as Black Friday, brought with it a flurry of fantastic deals, did it not? Stores opened bright and early (or even the evening before) to get us all riled up and excited over the phenomenal bargains to be had. Nothing wrong with wanting to snag great prices on gifts and things, right?


And today! Oh, today! Arguably, today is even better, particularly if you’re a big mob-phobic like yours truly. Today is Cyber Monday and promises all sorts of phenomenal promotions and savings right from the comfort of your desk, bed, or couch. How great is that? Again, nothing wrong with scoring some fabulous finds.


It is, indeed, a spectacular retail sandwich.


But… what’s inside? What do we find if we peek in between those two ends flanking this delectable weekend of deal-scoring?


Well, there was Small Business Saturday. And that was cool. Always good to support small, local (if possible) businesses. I can get onboard with that.


Still, that fits right into the retail feast, no?


What else is there, really? What’s the, well, MEAT of the sandwich?


. . .


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On a whisper, with very little fanfare, we ushered in Advent.



No flashy banners. No bright signs. No pulsing neon letters.


Just a flicker of candlelight as match touched wick.



No noisy ads. No promotional jingles.


Just murmured blessings over a gathering by a wreath.



No pushy crowds. No camping by the door. No fighting for a place.


Just room for everyone. A place for every man, woman, and child. All welcomed and embraced.



Heads bowed, we watched the first purple candle alight.






That’s what this candle represents.




Not for a good deal.


But for a Savior.





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3 comments to Look Inside the Retail Sandwich

  • Katie

    I’m so glad for the Advent reminder. Celebrating Advent is one thing I miss about the Catholic church. Our non-denominational church is wonderful but Advent is not really addressed. At least this is something we can do at home :)

  • Sonja

    That was beautiful!

  • Katie

    I thought I commented on this post already. My apologies if somehow the comment went to the wrong post :) I needed this Advent reminder. Celebrating Advent is one thing I miss about attending the Catholic church. My non-denominational church is great but they don’t focus on Advent as much. At least that is something I can do at home :)

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