Encouraging Giving & Compassion in the Classroom


Giving is Good and Educational - Teaching our children to give and learning from their generous hearts in return is one of the best things we can do.

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“With the holidays upon us, giving and reaching out to our community seem to take on even more weight and significance. While I am a huge believer in kicking up our donations through the summer months, when so many children no longer have access to free lunch and breakfast at school, I also know that this time of year naturally lends itself to a “giving mindset”– and that’s a wonderful thing!


This is a great opportunity to teach our children the importance of giving and reaching out to those who are less fortunate or struggling. I’ve found that little kids are naturally very compassionate and they are very enthusiastic about lending a helping hand or getting their hands dirty.


There are innumerable opportunities to reach out as individuals and families, but there is also value in having a class or whole school come together to take on an even greater project. While it’s true that public schools have many academic expectations they need to be meeting, I believe there is still room and time to teach our children about social conscience and showing compassion.”


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HEAD OVER TO LIFE AS MOM to read my suggestions for incorporating compassion and social conscience in the classroom. 

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