A Day in the Life of a Financial Manager

  My day contains a lot of what you probably expect– cooking, baking, cleaning (ha! who am I kidding about that one?), driving to activities, helping with homework, organizing appointments, putting out fires, running errands, volunteering in ministries, and, somewhere in there, trying to write. Nothing too earth-shattering going on there, really.




But I’m not the one around with the REAL JOB, right? You know, the job where you don work clothes, climb in a sedan, and drive off to do REAL WORK with other adults.




  My husband’s the one who does that. I know what he does to get ready to fly out the door, but, to be honest, it’s a bit of a mystery what the hours of 8am to 5pm look for him. It’s an even bigger mystery how he manages to cram MBA coursework in there, too.   Until now. I’m forcing my introverted guy to spill the beans on what a day in his life looks like. Here goes…

6am: Alarm goes off and it’s time to work out. Grab water bottle, pull on sneakers, and head down to hit the elliptical. Mentally organize the day– consider what posts need to be written for online MBA coursework. Work through paper topic ideas. Brainstorm while sweating. 7am: Shave, shower, and find a shirt and tie that match– wife’s consultation might be necessary for that last one. by


7:20am: Grab travel mug of coffee, granola bar, and bagged lunch, all of which are ready and waiting on the kitchen table. Make sure to bring along any necessary books or homework that will be crammed in during lunch hour– the beauty of the online degree is that work can be accomplished in little pockets of time. But being prepared for them is critical.


8:00am — 11:00am: Host coffee hours for potential clients and provide information for current ones. Distribute marketing materials. After all that, arrive at the office.  


11:00am — 1:00pm: Cover employees’ lunches and take own lunch. While on lunch, work on MBA reading. Continuing education while working full-time means finding a way to coordinate the responsibilities of both. When you really look for them, you’d be surprised how many opportunities there are to chip away at the necessary tasks.  


1:00pm — 5:00pm: After lunch, there’s work on daily figures to be done. This is also when prepping next month spreadsheets needs to happen. Sometimes, these hours also go to compiling month end reports for the board. In between all that, clients need to be taken care of and associates need to be trained. These are not the hours when MBA work is happening. And that’s okay– it’s important to know that I can’t count on making headway during those times. It means I have to make better use of the rest of my day!  


5:00pm (or when last clients have left): Complete the end of day balancing and verify that all associates have balanced and closed out their systems. Lock up.  


Of course, any number of things can and do disrupt that schedule. Technical and computer issues probably top the list. Emergencies affecting the building– leaks, flooding, power outages, etc.– can also throw things in a tailspin. Even traffic jams can send the whole day off-kilter. You just have to roll with the punches and make it happen.

  Rolling with the punches and making it happen sounds exactly right.  Being a full-time husband, father of three, and financial manager is already a pretty full schedule. Adding continuing education to the mix might sound incredibly daunting. In reality, it means being honest about your schedule and time and being dedicated to making great use of the little opportunities the crop up during the day.     When something’s important? You make the time.   And that’s what I see him do each and every day, in the life of a financial manager.    



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