Suspect your child has special needs?


“Still, it is probably safe to say that most parents do not dream about their children having special needs. Of all the hopes and ambitions we have for our little ones, needing therapy or extra help is probably not in the mix.

So, what should you do if you, or someone else with a large role in your child’s life, suspects a delay or difficulty? What steps should you take and what should you expect to happen?”


I’m over at Life as MOM today talking about Seeking Special Services For Your Child.


I don’t always link to and heavily promote my work over there– did you know I’m there every single month?– but this topic is important and near and dear to me.


I’ve now gone through the process THREE times, for things as simple as a speech articulation issue to as complex as a non-verbal preschooler.


So head on over, check out my best advice, and offer any tips and suggestions you might have. Navigating the road of special needs can be scary and intimidating, but we have the tools to help one another out.


I’ll see you there!


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