Spice Up the Night With a Glowstick



All you ladies who don’t love the sights of yourselves in your birthday suits?


I hear you.


You chickies who feel fairly confident most of the time, but cringe under harsh overhead lights?


Been there, too.


And those of you who feel good about yourselves, but just crave something a little more romantic and mysterious?


Amen, sisters. Amen.



Still, I must confess a little sympathy for the fellows. Honestly, I think it’s flat awesome how much less critical they are of our bodies than we are. I think it’s simply stupendous that they want to see them.


All that does not make me love the overhead light on the ceiling fan, however.


I think it’s important to find compromise. That can include anything from agreeing to sometimes have the lights and sometimes not, to using candles or twinkly fairy lights to make it special. Ideally, I think having lots of tricks up your sleeve is the best move!



Here’s a brand new one to add to your arsenal:


The lightstick.


Or perhaps glow bracelet is more accurate.



Here’s the deal:


Go buy a glow bracelet (or several.) I recommend looking for pink or orange or a “warmer” tone.


When things have moved to the boudoir, have your MAN don the bracelet.


{no, I am really NOT kidding– wrap it around his wrist}


If he balks, assure him that there’s a good reason for this.


And here it is:


Though the room may be totally dark, he will be able to see– very well– wherever his hand may wander.


You, however, don’t have to be on display in bright, harsh lights.


Win-win, I think we call that. :)



***As I mentioned earlier, I think that warmer tones are more flattering than, say, green, but go with whatever floats your boat!***

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