Gettin’ Prettied Up with Almay



Good gravy, was October ever rough.


I’ve been telling you all that saga– and there’s more to tell!– but, suffice it to say, while battling debilitating pain, my self-care went right down the tubes. Lack of sleep and lack of nourishment took priority over lack of lipstick, so I just sort of scraped by for awhile there.



See? Makeup-less and miserable. That was me. You can tell by the earrings and pearls, however, that I am a girl who does not go gently into that “letting myself go” abyss! ;)


Now that I’m all fixed up and healing beautifully, though, I’m feeling the need to get prettied up a bit! Lots of meetings, gatherings, and presentations lurk in the near future, and I’d love to have a few new tricks up my sleeve.


Kate Bryan, of The Small Things Blog, has put together a video showcasing some great tips and featuring Almay.


If you, like me, would like some fresh new ideas for pretty, flattering makeup, check it out:

I’m especially interested in that blush since my paleness becomes very apparent in the winter months! Which Almay product looks the most interesting to you?

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