Coffee & A Salty Snack


I would go every chance I got to visit my tiny little girl. It was hard, having a ten-month-old and a newborn who was not yet home, but I was determined to spend every moment I could manage with each of them.

  C. was so, so small. Less than one and a half pounds, she was so itty bitty and delicate. We’d pass other families, share an encouraging word or a smile, and gaze proudly at our tiny daughter. I think we already knew she had something to teach us all.

  She may have been eager to get started on her life in this big old world, but she was going to have to demonstrate some serious strength before she could get on with it!

  Less than two pounds and fierce with determination.   And her determination continued to grow, right along with her weight. Little C. was tough and, day by day, got even stronger. Part of the routine to keep her that way included making sure she got both caffeine and sodium.

  I used to tease that she was having her daily “coffee and a salty snack.” I used to laugh that she probably looked forward to it– surely, that had to be one of the best parts of her day, right? I mean, let’s be honest– coffee and salty snacks sure make ME happy.

  But there are times it’s so much easier to focus on the tough stuff, right? Times it seems like the road ahead can be so very steep.

  Even just the day-to-day grind can wear us down. It can feel exhausting to put one foot in front of the other when life feels overwhelming. Baby up waking through the night, eggs burning to the omelet pan, stain on the front of a favorite blouse… all those things can send the whole day into a tailspin.

  It can so easy to throw our hands in the air or burst into tears when it seems like things are just too hard.

  Things were hard for C. sometimes too. And this was her response to that:


  She smiled.

  Still a featherweight, dealing with all that came with that, she smiled.

  Showing strength and feistiness at every turn, she smiled.

  Gram by gram, getting bigger and stronger, she smiled.

  And, with every passing day, teaching all of us how to find joy in adversity… she smiled.


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