5+ Meals from One 10-lb. Turkey



Turkeys will be on sales and specials for the next couple of months. Snag a small one (between 10 — 15 pounds) and get ready to make 5+ meals that delight the taste buds and aren’t just Thanksgiving repeats.




You had to know it was coming!


Turkey is very affordable and readily available this time of year. Whether you’re facing endless leftovers after your feast or you just want to make some delicious meals from a very inexpensive protein, this series has got you covered.


This plan will offer up five full dinners, plus a surprise, bonus lunch and breakfast, from one small (approximately ten pound) turkey.


Interested in the meals we’ll be making? Here you go–






We’ve tested and tweaked and tasted these recipes until we’re sure they’re winners! We also ate them all in a row to ensure that they didn’t all taste so much alike that we’d get sick of turkey. There were no complaints around here, and the flavors were all very unique and varied.

Click here for a complete shopping list with everything you’ll need in addition to the 10 — 15 pound turkey.

Right here, you’ll find prep directions to get your bird all roasted and ready for all the recipes linked above– there’s very little “hands on” time involved!



***All recipes pictured above are “clickable”– simply click on the one you want and it will take you right to the respective recipe.***

–> In the event that you still have turkey left– and I’m guessing you will– come on back. I’ll be sharing two bonus recipes* in the next couple days for:

  • Turkey Noodle Soup
  • Turkey, Egg, & Cheese Bagel Sandwiches
*your grocery list includes the ingredients necessary for these recipes, too
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