Lunchbox-Ready Apple Slices



Slicing apples is not hard. It’s not even all that time-consuming. It is, however, a repetitive task that I found myself doing over and over again from day-to-day… and I had the cutting board and knife to wash to prove it! This method cuts out the never-ending dishes and saves a few minutes each day.



The problem with slicing apples ahead of time is well-known: they turn brown.


Who wants to eat brown apples??? Certainly not most children.


Storing the apples in a solution containing citric acid (here, in the form of lemon juice) halts the browning and keeps the apples cool, crisp, and white. Just the way we like them.


Lunchbox-Ready Apple Slices



  • apples, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons — 1/4 cup lemon juice*
  • cold water



1. Pour lemon juice into bottom of large jar. How much you use will depend on the size of your jar and your family’s sensitivity to the flavor. We use a quart size jar and a full quarter cup and do not notice any “off” flavor from the lemon juice.


2. Fill jar to top with sliced apples.


3. Add cold water until apples are full immersed. Seal jar.


4. Store in fridge until ready to use. You can simply remove as many slices as you need. The apples pictured above had been in that solution for 48 hours when I took the picture.


*Both fresh lemon juice and the kind you buy in a bottle will work for this.

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8 comments to Lunchbox-Ready Apple Slices

  • Jennie

    Will they stay “not brown” until lunchtime without anything added?

  • Susan

    I also hate to cut apples. This sounds like a good idea. I’m going to buy some lemon juice and try it tonight.

  • Courtney

    This is a great tip! I just read something similar but they soaked them in lemon-lime soda- kinda takes away from the healthiness of an apple. :)

  • JK

    When prepping a cheese tray for a family gathering, I wanted to also serve fruit to go with it. I chose apples, grapes and canned pineapple chunks. Wanting to “make-ahead” as much as possible, I experimented with the juice straight from the canned pineapple (not diluted).

    I let them soak as I finished my prep, then lightly drained, but left wet, the apple slices before packing in a plastic bag. I haven’t tried for storage longer than overnight, but I love the taste. It’s not so much like apple/ pineapple combined- more just like a fancier or more exotic apple. And no worry that the apple will be made less sweet from a lemon.

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