How do I love thee? Dating.


So, a few weeks ago, my parents went away to Europe. During that time, I took care of a few little things around here for them. (Because that’s what you do when friends or family go away, right?) Anyway, though it certainly wasn’t necessary, as a “thank you” they offered to keep all three of our children for an overnight some night.


The night wound up being last Friday night.


Those of you who hang out with me on Facebook already know lots about this. It was pretty darn exciting to think about having all that time to ourselves!


Ultimately, we decided to go out to a little Italian restaurant– it was the same restaurant I went to right after choosing my wedding gown and I have very fond memories. Alas, though their website was still up and kicking, the establishment itself had closed down. Boo.


No worries, though. He kept driving and mentioned other restaurants he had seen in that particular small town. We ended up choosing a pretty little inn.


I enjoyed lobster dripping with butter and layered with brie. We headed out and, once back in our own town, went for a lovely, hand-in-hand stroll through the brick streets, under the light of the moon. We popped in for some fro-yo and carried that along with us.


Stuffed, we headed home and cracked open a bottle of champagne.


We talked. We laughed. We listened to music. We played a game. We slept until 8:30 the next morning (!) We chatted over steamy coffee while I whipped up Eggs Benedict.



It was wonderful.


But, honestly, perhaps the most wonderful part of the whole darn thing was just how excited we were to be together.


I was positively giddy at the thought of our date night. His excited emails full of different ideas brought me such joy. We simply couldn’t help but look forward to it. The anticipation was glorious.


When he got home from work to find the kids already gone and me touching up my lip gloss? We exchanged silly, crooked smiles because we KNEW we’d been given a treasure.


I can’t wait to date that man when we’re seventy. I have high hopes that we’ll still be giddy about it. :)

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  • Laraba

    That is awesome! My parents took our brood of EIGHT for a whole WEEK back in May. Yes, they are heroes. My husband and I spent a week in FL, just the two of us. It was such a rejuvenating time. I missed the children by the time it was over but oh…that time of just the 2 of us, having time to talk and chat and…do other things, was glorious. I think it also helped me as a mom. I’m with these kids a LOT since I homeschool. I adore them, but a break every couple of years (I mean, like overnight) is precious. I do get periodic breaks as part of daily life but they are always short.

    So glad you had a fantastic time.

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