How do I love thee? Blue-black.


So, I’ve shared all sorts of wonderful things about the man I married. I’ve talked about his talents, his compassion, his skill as a dad, his protectiveness, etc. I’ve waxed on about skills and character traits that are, indeed, a big part of who he is and a big part of why I love him.




I just want to talk about his hair.


My husband, though fair-skinned, has hair that’s FAR from fair. Dark? Yes. But, truly, beyond dark.


One of the first things I noticed about him was his thick, dense, absolutely black hair.


So black is his hair that, when in the sunlight, it doesn’t look dark brown or deep, deep red or even flat black. It looks… blue. While my hair lights with streaks of gold and pale strands, his hair is so deeply pigmented that the sun gives it a navy sheen. I find it beyond fascinating.


Honestly? I had heard of blue-black hair, but I had never seen it until I laid on eyes on the man I would eventually marry. I used to watch him walk across campus, just waiting for him to pass through a sunbeam and the sudden blue flash would almost make me gasp. I was captivated, to say the least.

You can kind of see it here. Of course, it’s a pic of a pic on a screen, so…


Is this a shallow post?


Oh, probably.


But I’d be lying if I said that my husband’s physical traits didn’t play a role in how I feel about him. I’d be lying if I tried to convince you that it was his strong sense of ethics that caught my eye across the room. And I’d be lying if I’d told you that I didn’t still get flutters sometimes just from a glimpse of that man.


Blue-black hair. I love it.


My only regret is that none of our children seem to have gotten it. Because, really… how cool would that hair have looked with my teal eyes???  ;)

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