5 Fall Meals from 5 Pork Chops


Fall is here, my friends!


It wasn’t very long ago that we were whipping up five yummy summer meals using a mere five bone-in chicken breasts. I loved all those bright, zingy flavors! They were just perfect for the season.


The best fall foods, in my opinion, bring richness and comfort to the table and I really wanted to apply the same method of stretching meat to some perfect autumn fare.


Lest you think I’m a bit of a “one trick pony,” I branched outside the world of chicken for you this time. Over the next several days, I will have five MORE recipes you can create, this time using five bone-in pork chops.


As always, I strive to offer you meals that taste delicious, cover a wide flavor palate, and are appropriate for the season.


The pork preparation method is really quite similar to that we used for chicken, so, if you’ve mastered that, you’re already in good shape. If not? No worries. I’ll review it as we go about making these delicious meals.


Interested in what we’re going to be cooking up? I hope so! Here’s the plan:


(ALL RECIPES ARE CLICK-ABLE– click through for full directions on how to make each!)



Like before, each of these meals will serve four “average” appetites. If you have very small children? They’ll serve more. If you have a troop of hungry teenage boys? You might need to make more. You know your family better than I do, so adjust accordingly. To make the recipes the way they’re written, you’ll need a total of five bone-in pork chops to make all five meals.


Your assignment? Get your hands on five bone-in pork chops.







I hope many of you join me again in this money-saving, super-tasty journey.


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