My Hands are Tied!


Uh oh!


While we had a spectacular time in New Hampshire, there’s just one little problem now…


I was in charge of packing EVERYTHING. Everything, that is, except the camera and the computer.


So guess what was left at the inn? The computer power cord.


Alas, my bloggy abilities have been compromised. Yikes! The lovely people at the inn found it and are UPS-ing it, but I have no idea when I’ll be up and running again at full capacity.


Bear with me?

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2 comments to My Hands are Tied!

  • Celine

    Yikes!… you are very lucky they were able to find it and ship it to you. My dad left his phone charger behind while on business and while they “found it” they had no idea which of the several dozen cords it was. It ended up being the push to get him a new phone but what a pain. I am thinking the Hotel he was at needs a new system for lost devices and cords.

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