Missing You and What I’m Forced to Admit





And I am oh-so-glad about that. I don’t like not blogging! I don’t like not interacting with you all! I don’t like not keeping up with my online buddies!


Those of you who hang with me on Facebook already know that we had a truly lovely time in New Hampshire. I am forever stunned (in a very good way!) at the vast terrain we have at our fingertips here in New England. We have major mountains, stunning waterfalls, the ocean, rocky beaches, sandy beaches, cliffs, meadows, and on and on and on. It’s breathtaking country and, while I think I mostly appreciate where I’m at, I’m willing to admit I sometimes take it for granted. It was nice to get out there and explore it!


Our children had this lovely, roomy queen bed at their disposal:




However, my children never fail to amaze me with their silly, adventurous spirits. Bed? Who wants a bed? We want to camp out in the alcove, Mama!




As a result, I had plenty of space to do this every evening:




We also took a lovely trip on an antique, scenic railway:




And someone may have discovered what’s got to be the world’s largest gummy bear:


And that was just our first day! (And not even all of it.)

It was super fun. And I look forward to sharing more about our adventures and the wonderful places we discovered.

But then? Well, as I told you, we forgot our laptop’s power cord in the inn.

What this has meant is that, from Thursday through about 1:30 pm today (Monday), I’ve allotted myself THREE MINUTES online each day. Total. 

That’s not very much time.

But you know what?

Nothing catastrophic happened in my absence.

There was honestly nothing that I couldn’t fix in that time frame over that 4 1/2 day period.

Kind of shocking, really.

Now, let’s not be crazy. There’s no way I’m going to limit my computer time to three minutes a day, every day. It certainly isn’t enough time to keep up a blog and, as I stated in the beginning of this post, I truly, truly missed interacting with you all.

But– and this will come as no surprise– I got so.much.done when I wasn’t online so much.

What this all means, I’m not sure. Honestly, I think the best takeaway I’ve gotten from the experience is that, when I’m not actively working/interacting online, I need to shut the computer down. Otherwise? It’s too tempting. I have no plans to stay offline all the time, but I’d like to be a bit more intentional about the time I spend.

When I’m here (i.e. “the online world”)? I want to BE here.

And when I’m not? I don’t want to be swept in.

I’m forced to admit my presence isn’t really needed online as often as I’ve been there. ;)

So, what have you all been up to while I was gone?

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3 comments to Missing You and What I’m Forced to Admit

  • Courtney

    Welcome back, friend!! Missed your blog posts, but so glad to hear you had a great vacation. Love the gummy bear pic- what a look!! I want to know if she ate the whole thing. :)

    I agree- I don’t have a blog but I definitely need to limit my screen time. Nothing is more important than family time!

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