Menu Plan: Back to School


My kids go back to school this week!




I’m really not all that happy about it. I like having them here with me and I feel like this summer has just F-L-O-W-N on by. Nonetheless, school will begin whether I like it or not and I am happy to report that we’re very pleased with teacher assignments.


It’s been a bit since I got a menu plan posted here. There was vacation. And then forgetting our power cord. And then, last week, I was busy at work putting together yet another meat-stretching tutorial for you all:



I’m so excited! The meals in this one were very well-received, especially by the man of the house, and the meat cost me $6 total (not on sale.) You can expect to see all of that sometime next month.


This week, I’m cooking up some simple, kid-pleasing favorites in honor of their going back to school. I want them to look forward to suppers here and having them love the food will help them to open up and chat about their days. (Sneaky mama.)


Here’s the plan:




Breakfast (for the littles before 7:30am Mass)–Cheerios, Yogurt

BrunchBreakfast Burritos

D–Chicken & Noodles, Carrots, Fruit



B–Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Apples w/ PB, Milk





B–Chocolate Blueberry Muffins, Cheese, Oranges

D–Pigs in Blankets, Corn



B–Chocolate Blueberry Muffins, Apples, Yogurt

D–Slow Cooker Ranch-y Chicken, Spanish Rice




B–Peppermint Creme Oatmeal, Apples

D–Split Peas & Rice w/ Cottage cheese — (date night– I know. I KNOW. You think this sounds disgusting. It really isn’t. And the kiddos LOVE it. Cheap, easy, nutritious, kid-pleasing– it stays in the rotation. ;) )



B–Banana PB Smoothies, Toast

D–Pepperoni Pizza



B–Eggs Benedict

D–… I actually don’t know yet! But we’ll figure it out. :)



After that, we’re in a new month… and I can’t wait to plan it! I honestly love menu planning. 


How about you? Do you love to menu plan? Or is planning meals a big chore?


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