Makeshift Coffee Filter



Perhaps everyone else in the world is using k-cups these days and coffee filters have become obsolete. But, around here, let’s just say I drink WAY too much coffee to make a Keurig a smart option. That’s just the pure truth, friends.


So, every evening, I fill and set our full-size coffee maker and then look forward to my freshly brewed cup, already waiting for me when I wake. Ahhh… it’s a good life.


Except when I run out of things. Like coffee filters. (*I am NOT one who likes those reusable gold things you have to rinse. I’ve seen ‘em. I’ve used ‘em. Not a fan.)


Fortunately, there’s an easy hack:



Simply fold a paper towel in fourths and pull one corner away, forming a makeshift cone. Tuck that in the top of your coffee maker, fill with grounds, and brew away. The coffee will still taste great and no pesky bits sneak through the towel.


Easy peasy.



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