How do I love thee? Sons and Daughters


“C’mon, A! Let me feel it! Don’t aim for the knee– that’s gonna hurt you more than me.”


I hear him coaching our son, guiding him through karate and wrestling moves, trying to urge the aggressor out of our gentle giant of a boy.


“Nope. You turned your back. Never do that. There– there! Now put pressure on the arm.”


I don’t necessarily know what he’s talking about but, since the man was a trophy-earning wrestler back in the day, I take his word for it.


A little voice pipes up as arms wrap around his thigh.


“Daddy? Will you paint my nails?”


He glances down, doesn’t miss a beat.


“Sure thing, Sweetie. Pick a color while I finish beating your brother up.”



Daughters and sons. He parents them both with equal aplomb.


And that makes for a happy, lucky wife.

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