How do I love thee? Like a record player.


So… tell me this.


What are your thoughts about amusement parks and rides? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Could take or leave ‘em?


There was a time, back in the day, when I was ALL ABOUT the ride. I could not get enough of zipping, soaring, spinning, bouncing, splashing, and flipping this way and that. Even my big brother’s throwing up on me in the tilt-a-whirl when I was four couldn’t diminish my enthusiasm for the rides.


I spent all of junior high and high school going to amusement parks each summer with my best friend. We had a total blast and very much looked forward to those trips! (It was always her mom who took us; I didn’t really grow up in a big “amusement park” kind of family.)


Anyhow, so it went for many, many years. Through college and beyond? Loved the rides.


And then something happened.


I had three babies. Four pregnancies.


My equilibrium shifted.


And, now, though I still adore the roller coasters, water rides, and ferris wheels, I simply canNOT handle spinny rides. Swings? Gag. The Twister? Oh, hold me now. Even the tea cups make me grit my teeth a bit.


My kids, however, love all those rides– especially our first- and last-borns. Only our oldest is tall enough to do any of these things without an adult, however, which could leave me in a lurch.


But I married a man who can– and will– spin. Again and again and again. And, so, while I’ll happily tackle 28 flights of stairs in order to take the four-year-old on the big water slide (7 times!), I also know I can simply smile and wave when the spinning starts.


Ah, my hero. You spin me right round, baby, right round.

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5 comments to How do I love thee? Like a record player.

  • mlearley

    I am EXACTLY the same way. Just can’t handle them anymore. Part of the issue is also neck pain, so the rollercoasters not only make me have an uneasy stomach but I then get a terrible headache later in the day. My 4 yr old LOVES LOVES LOVES amusement rides but most of them my husband now has to ride with her. Not sure what we are going to do when our youngest is tall enough to ride these same rides but her sister still needs an adult (next summer). Might have to take a teenager along. Wonder what changes so much in our bodies after having babies? Does it change back as we get older? I remember as a pre-teen my mom riding all these rides and never complaining.

  • Lynn

    I’m not the only one? Cool! I could of written this post…..but not really. you said it much better than I ever could.

    I had no fear before I had kids. What’s up with that? ; ) Now I don’t dare do anything risky. I love them that much. That’s what I tell them when I can’t go on those rides with them.

  • Sonja

    My equilibrium totally changed after my first pregnancy too! It took me awhile to realize that was what happened. I used to be able to ride anything, read in the car, swing high on swings. Now I get sick just pushing my kids on the swings! Last year I took dramamine before we took the kids to Silver Dollar City, it helped me endure some of the rides with my kids. But I still can’t do the tea cups!

  • If our kids want to spin (they really don’t) they are on.their.own. My husband will literally be sick for days, and I can’t handle it (anymore) either. Roller coaster? Love. Ferris wheel. I’m there! Spinning? Ick.

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