10 Things That I Won’t Deal With Today

[So, I'm writing this post on February 21, but scheduling it for six months from now-- August 21st. Why, you might wonder, would I do something so odd? Well, I'll tell you...]


It is mid-August right now. And I’m willing to bet it’s pushing 90 or maybe even hotter. Nights probably don’t slip into the 60s or below without fail these days. I’ve no doubt my hair is pinned up and I’m trying to bake less frequently. I’d actually be surprised if I haven’t fussed or complained about the heat sometime in the last week.


But you know what I HAVEN’T had to deal with lately? I do. Because I had the foresight back in February to write this down. It pays to remind yourself to stop your fussin’ sometimes and to count your blessings.


So, without further ado, here are ten things that I am NOT dealing with today:


  1. I will not be slipping on black ice. Our walkway likely has weeds popping out here and there, but odds are good that it’s not treacherous in any way.
  2. I won’t be limited to turning right out of my driveway because of a giant snow bank on the other side. Likewise, I won’t have to plan my arrival home so that I can turn LEFT into the driveway. Well, now, that simplifies things!
  3. I won’t be attempting to arrange thirty little fingers in gloves. Praise Jesus.
  4. I will not be combing through backpacks, in pockets, and under sofas in search of the seven-year-old’s hat that she’s “sure she brought home!”
  5. I will not be dealing with a hamper that is IMMEDIATELY full after one day because winter clothes are so bulky.
  6. I will not be slipping on my front stairs because cozy socks, while indeed cozy, do not have any traction whatsoever.
  7. I will not be scraping ice off of my windshield. Or starting the car early so that I can feel my fingers while driving.
  8. I will not be shivering uncontrollably as I go from shower to dressed. My wet hair won’t make me cringe.
  9. My hands are probably not cracked– hooray! Without the cruel bite of Old Man Winter, my skin is probably doing just fine these days.
  10. I won’t be huddled against the wind, waiting for the bus. Actually? I won’t be waiting for the bus at all today. So, hey– double yay!
So there you go. It might be blistering hot out there. I might have a sunburn right now or sweat on my brow. Hard to say as I type this.
But, no matter what, I know I’m lucky to not have to deal with anything on that list today.
What are you thankful for today?


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