10 Meals You Can Make with Hot Dogs



Okay, let’s get the little disclaimer out of the way first–


Hot dogs are not health food. There are some “better” options on the market which might help ease some naughty food guilt, but, generally speaking, they’re¬†not a great option to eat all.the.time.


They are, however, cheap, accessible, and typically popular with children. They freeze well and cook up quickly. They don’t take up much space.


So, if you find yourself with a package of hot dogs rolling around and you want to do something other than just toss ‘em on buns, here are ten meal ideas you can make with hot dogs:


1. Mac & Cheese with Hot Dogs– It shows up on oodles of kids’ menus for a reason; kids tend to love it. Whether you make your own version or rely on the box, this simple supper is a classic. Add some diced cooked carrot or frozen peas to have a complete meal you can toss on the table in minutes.


2. Franks & Beans– Hot dogs and baked beans go together like peanut butter and chocolate… they’re just a fabulous flavor combo! I’m a stickler for using Boston Baked Beans here. Those are the sweet ones, not the tangy ones. They should be in a rich, molasses-based sauce and that pairs beautifully with the smoky, salty dog.


3. Pigs in Blankets– Who doesn’t like a pig in a blanket? These are so universally popular, we had the mini version served at our fancy-pants wedding reception. And people LOVED it.


4. Homemade “SpaghettiOs” with Franks– These are such a throwback to my childhood. I can’t help it– they make me smile.


5. Papa Bo’s Hot Dog Skillet– Three ingredients. That’s all it takes to toss a quick supper together! This one is all about the condiments, my friends. Choose wisely. ;) (Amy recommends ketchup or salsa.)


6. Barbecued Hot Dogs– If the idea of this makes you want to gag, I hear you. You won’t find this dish getting served up on many New England tables. I was first introduced to this hot dog dish in Indiana and I was pregnant at the time; I thought it sounded disgusting. Actually, it’s not bad. My husband and children gobble them up.


7. Corn Dog Muffins– These are just so fun and simple. Corn dogs are such a nostalgic flavor and muffins are easy to make.


8. Chili Dogs– I love a good chili dog. I like tons of stuff on there with it, too– mustard, dill pickle relish, diced raw onion, cheese, etc. Pile it high! If you make an awesome chili dog, it only takes one to feel good and full.


9. Franks and Sauerkraut Paprikash¬†– I’ve not personally tried this one, but I love the idea of pairing the hot dogs with sauerkraut… why not? I’m also very partial to dill. I think it’s such an overlooked seasoning.


10. Creole Hot Dogs and Rice– I was intrigued by this recipe. I like the idea that it’s served with rice, another cheap and easy ingredient to have around. While I do believe this flavor combo would be superior with sausage, hot dogs make it super affordable and kid-friendly.


What’s your favorite way to serve up a dog?

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1 comment to 10 Meals You Can Make with Hot Dogs

  • Susan

    Mac-n-cheese and hotdogs are my go-to food when my son has sports and doesn’t get home until 7PM. I think tonight is a mac-n-cheese and hotdogs kind of night. I use trader joes beef uncured hot dogs. Hopefully, a little better than the regular kind…

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