Tweezers in the Car



This is one of the quickest tips/suggestions I’ve ever had to offer, but, here goes:


Keep some tweezers in the car.


Sound weird? Let me assure you that the tweezers in my car are put to near-daily use. Here are just a few of the reasons:



It’s tick season.


I hate ticks. I mean, really… I. Hate. Ticks. They cause an awful lot of problems for being so small. The safest way to remove them, should you find one on your person (or another person) is with tweezers. No matches, no nail polish, no needles– just tweezers. I don’t know about you, but, if I find a tick, I want it off as soon as possible, not just as soon as I manage to get home.



Slivers and splinters can happen at any time.


At least half the times my kids complain of pain and I find something lodged in their skin, we’re not at our house. Slivers and splinters HURT! I like to get them dealt with before they become even more deeply embedded. Having tweezers in the car makes it easy for me to solve the problem right away.



There’s something about the car that reveals rogue hairs.


I’m just keepin’ it real here, people. I don’t know what it is about the light and mirror in my car, but it seems like it’s always there that I discover some random, weird hair. Maybe it’s a bizarre eyebrow hair curling up. Perhaps it’s a rogue arm hair that’s somehow darker than the rest. Maybe something suddenly shows up on my lip or chin that just does not belong there. Whatever the case, it is sure to drive me absolutely insane until I can deal with it. Seriously, the odds are good that no one else would even notice, but I become obsessed with that dumb hair. Having tweezers on hand means that my mental anguish and fixation is short-lived.



So, there you go. Keep a pair of tweezers in the car. It’s a cheap investment that can save you a ton of headaches.

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3 comments to Tweezers in the Car

  • mlearley

    Hate those things too and no one in my family has gone through what A has. Why isn’t there a vaccination for lyme yet? Our pets get it and use flea/tick replent but nothing for humans. Doesn’t make sense to me. Same with rabies!

  • I hate ticks and not just because they are yucky. My brother in law has had Lyme most of his life and can not be treated at this point. We’ve also had three cases of Lyme with my husband and two of the kids in the last 2 years. It’s scary how much pain a person can be in over those tiny monsters. I have tweezers all over the place just for ticks. lol In the van, my purse, and one in almost every room in our house.

    • Lyme Disease is awful, Elizabeth. I’m so sorry your family has been touched by that horrible illness. We, too, have dealt with it and it’s horribly scary and so hard to prevent. Let’s both keep our tweezers at the ready!

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