Procrastination Pays Off


I saw the pesky, thorny little weed pushing its way through one of our shrubs out front. I’m not much into landscaping, truth be told, but I figured I should probably get rid of it. But it was thorny, like I said, and I couldn’t really grab it with my bare hand. I’d just have to take out some trimmers or shears or something sometime.


Except I kept forgetting. And so the weed grew. And grew.


Until, just a few weeks ago, I saw berry-like things growing on my now-giant weed. I wasn’t really sure what kind of berries they might be– we have a lot of berries around here we call “bird berries,” because they’re not really safe for people to eat, but the birds love them.

Still, rather than deal with it, I left the big ol’ weed alone and just carried on. Like I said, I’m not that great at this landscaping business.


Setting out an early morning walk, I glanced at my weedy shrub and I saw them.

My weed was a rogue black raspberry bush.


I now have fresh wild berries just outside my door.


My procrastination paid off.


This is a victory for us, fellow lazy landscapers. :)

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