Prepping 5 Summer Meals from 5 Chicken Breasts


Today’s the day! We’re going to get our chicken all ready to go for next week’s recipes. You do have your five bone-in chicken breasts, right? Excellent! Let’s get started.




First off, put a large pot of water on the stove to boil. You’ll be using that shortly.


Now, place one of your chicken breasts onto a cutting board. Use a sharp knife to remove the skin. This should actually go very quickly since the skin is really only attached in a couple of places. You’ll get in a groove. Repeat for each chicken breast.




You’ll now have five  skinless breasts, still on the bone. Use your knife to cut the thick, meaty portion off the front of each breast. Don’t worry about being perfect– just cut as close to the bone as you can.



At this point, you’ll have five pieces of meat that, essentially, look like “boneless, skinless chicken breasts.” You can set those aside for just a moment.



What you’re left with is a pile of mangled looking bones with meat still all over the place. Throw all five sets of bones in the boiling water. I’m convinced you can’t really mess this part up. Boil them on high for 20 minutes or 45 minutes on med-low or anywhere in between. I’ve done it all and it always works out for me. Don’t fret about it and feel the need to babysit it. Just get it cooked.


While that’s cooking, let’s get back to our boneless, skinless portions. Choose the two that appear the largest and butterfly them all the way through the middle, thus creating four thinner chicken breast filet portions.



Place the four filets in a quart- or gallon-sized storage bag and pour 1/2 cup Italian dressing or favorite vinaigrette over it. Squeeze out as much air as possible and seal it up. This can then be placed in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to make the Chicken Caprese.


You should still have three boneless, skinless portions remaining. Cut these into small* (roughly 3/4″) cubes and split them up between two storage bags or containers– one will be used for the Sweet & Sour Chicken and the other for the Cheddar Apple Chicken Salad Wraps. Place in the fridge or freezer.


(*Smaller cubes enable you to stretch meat further by ensuring people get a piece of meat in each bite, even when using smaller quantities.)




***At this point, you’re done handling raw chicken for the time being. Give all your utensils and work surfaces a good scrubbing.***


Your chicken bones and meat in the pot are likely done. Go ahead and remove them from the water onto a cutting board. Let it rest for a few minutes until you can stand to touch it!



Using your fingers, a fork, a knife, or whatever you prefer, remove the cooked chicken from the bones. It’ll come off in bits and and shreds and that’s perfectly fine. I like to use my hands for this job but, if you’re not a fan of touching meat, just find a utensil that works for you.


I typically wind up with 3 to 3 1/2 cups of chicken pieces by the time I’m done picking all five bones* clean.


(*Keep your bones to make stock! That’s another perk of bone-in chicken breasts.)


Package up one cup of cooked chicken bits for the Chicken Fajita Pizza and 2 cups for the Chicken & Rice Burritos. These can now be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Congrats! You’re now all set to make five delicious meals from just five bone-in chicken breasts.

**Just a reminder: the recipes referenced in this post were NOT yet posted on my site at the writing of this post. I will be adding the links right here, as I post them, in this order:

We’ll be starting with the Chicken Caprese because it contains the more delicate of the produce ingredients so, if you do your shopping all at once, it’s best to use those first. Both the burritos and the pizza toppings will freeze beautifully so, if you’re feeling like this is chicken overload, those are two I highly recommend making and tossing in the freezer for another day.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to make some tasty new foods and save some cash in the process. I’ll see you Monday for some Chicken Caprese!

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