Menu Plan: The Kinda Lame Edition


This is a lame menu plan.


I won’t lie to you all– there’s not much to see here. You’ll get to eat much more interesting things if you follow along with my 5 Summer Meals from 5 Chicken Breasts plan than you will be following what we’ll be eating.


There’s a good reason for it, though. You see, one week from today, we get to head out on vacation– hooray! In the days leading up to that, I don’t want to have any complex meals to make and I do want to use up some of what’s on hand.


So here’s the plan, at this point:




Breakfast (for the littles before 7:30am Mass)–Cheerios, Yogurt, Wild Blackberries (why, yes, I am a lucky girl who has THREE different types of wild berries in my yard)

Brunch–Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Scr. Eggs w/ Cheese, Apples

D–Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s



B–Apple Cinnamon Crumble Oatmeal, Milk

D–Slow Cooker Chicken in Red Sauce over Pasta & Green Beans (from the garden)



B–Blueberry Pancakes, Cheese, Juice

D–Tomato Spinach Tortellini Soup, Italian Cheese Bread




B–Blueberry Pancakes, Apples, Milk

D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night!)






After that, we’re in a new month… and I haven’t planned it yet! I usually do a BIG shopping trip at the very end of one month or the beginning of the next. This time, since we’re heading out of town on the 4th, I’ll just be doing a small trip for some things we’ll need/want in the car and hotel.


For meals, I plan to rely on leftovers and simple things we already have around here. I’d like to leave the fridge pretty bare! If need be, I can dig into my stash of sausage I nabbed for 75 cents a pound…


And that’s the lame-o plan!


What are YOU eating this week?


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