Keeping Garden Lettuce Clean, Cool, & Crisp



I love garden lettuce. It is just so much tastier and more tender than the store-bought variety, in my opinion. My kids must agree because they can’t get enough of the stuff. I’m constantly out harvesting just to keep up with my voracious salad eaters.


In the heat of summer, though, it’s not so pleasant to be out there picking. The lettuce can also get warm and limp in the hot sun. We’re good salad eaters, but no one wants to chow down on floppy, tepid greens.


No matter what time of day I harvest, I’ve found the best way to keep my lettuce clean, cool, and & crisp is this:



I put all the leaves in a big bowl, cover them with cold water, give it a quick swirl, add ice cubes, and toss it in the fridge.


As it sits, any dirt from the leaves settles to the bottom of the bowl. The cold water perks up the leaves and makes them cool and crisp. Even better, they stay that way until I’m ready for them. This means I can harvest our dinner salad early in the morning without losing any flavor or crunch.


When mealtime arrives, I simply grab the leaves out with my hands or a slotted spoon, being careful not to “stir it up” and agitate the dirt too much. I dry them off and they’re ready to go– clean, cool, and crisp.


Just the way we like it.

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