How do I love thee? The kids say…


For today’s “How do I love thee?”, I was wavering between topics. This resulted in my staring at the screen and not writing anything. My kids are bored with that. So, instead of hemming and hawing around, I decided to just ask them:


What’s the best thing about Daddy?


A. had this to say about the man–


“The best thing about Daddy is he reads books to me. He sometimes plays video games with me. When you say it’s okay and all. I’m glad he takes care of my sisters so you can go to karate with me. He’s athletic and loves wrestling. And he loves you. He really loves you.”


C.– the one I feel is the most like him– responded with this:


“He’s kind. He always plays games with us. He’s… well… he’s fun. I think he’s friendly. With me, at least. Not strangers as much. You talk to the strangers. He stays with us.”


And, finally, our littlest, G., weighed in:


“I just love him. I think he loves to blow bubbles. He loves me. He says I’m like you. He’s good at Hide & Seek.”



You know what? All true.


I should let my kids write for me more often. ;)

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