How do I love thee? Patient indulgence.


When we first moved into our current home, it was still locked in some late 60s/ early 70s style. There was a LOT of wallpaper that needed to come down and a fair bit of updating that needed to happen.


Moving from Indiana to Connecticut, however, pretty much exhausted all of our cash, making home improvements a “someday” thing on the list, not something we could deal with right away.


Bit by bit, we’ve chipped away at things and my little home gets cuter and nicer with each passing year. Is it sometimes slow-going? Sure. But I truly appreciate each and every improvement we’ve been able to make.


Less than two years ago, we tackled some stuff in the kitchen. My husband replaced the countertops. He painted our dated dark cabinets with a fresh coat of white paint. We stripped the wallpaper. Primed the panelling. Painted the walls. Replaced a couple appliances.


And replaced the hardware.


You see, I have a thing about hardware. It is my FAVORITE section of the big home improvement stores. I just love picking out knobs and handles. Maybe I’m weird.


Anyway, we had painted our walls a cheerful mint shade that looked so happy with the white cabinets and trim. I loved the color. I’d had nickel hardware in our previous two homes, but decided I wanted something new. I went with oil rubbed bronze.



They looked nice. I was happy. All was well.


But then. Then I was watching an episode of Revenge on TV one night. And I spied green glass knobs on the main character’s cabinets in her Hamptons beach house.


image source


I became obsessed. 


Never mind that I hadn’t even had my ORB ones for a full year yet. I was so captivated by those beautiful coke bottle green knobs that I couldn’t stop looking for them on every episode.


But I also couldn’t bring myself to drop cash on something so obviously unnecessary.


About a month ago, I had a birthday. Guess what my husband did for me?



I can’t even begin to tell you how happy these make me.


Anyone need some oil rubbed bronze knobs? ;)


**For those of you who really enjoy before & afters, here’s a little peek at some of the kitchen changes:




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8 comments to How do I love thee? Patient indulgence.

  • Courtney

    Now that’s a man who listens to his wife!! :) Those are pretty!!!

    Question- how hard was it to paint your cabinets? I want to do that and I’ve been looking at ORB’d knobs. Love the look but kind of afraid to tackle painting cabinets.

    • Painting the cabinets was time-consuming, but not particularly hard. They all had to be removed and then re-hung. It’s important to label them (especially if they’re older), since they won’t all have worn/warped the same over time and you need to be sure you put it back where you got it. I love my glossy white cabinets though… they wipe clean so easily! :)

  • mlearley

    I love before and after pictures. Great job on the kitchen! You should do more entries on what you’ve done to your house. I’d love to see! Sweet that you hubby got you those knobs for your bday. :)

    • Those knobs make me smile many times a day– they’re one of my favorite gifts ever, I think! :) I’m always a little afraid to do any kind of “home decor” posts because, to be honest, interior design is not one of my gifts and I’m always afraid people will think what we’ve done is lame. BUT, I love the improvements and updates we’ve made and I guess that’s what matters most, right?

  • Laraba

    Honestly, that is so CUTE. I loathe hardware stores, LOATHE them. One of our standing jokes is when we are on a date, my husband usually asks, “Shall we stop by Lowe’s?” (A local hardware store, if that isn’t obvious.) I always say “No, but if you really want to…” He loves hardware stores.

    Your kitchen looks great. The one room I never want to deal with is the kitchen but we have needed to make a few changes over the years. Our cabinets are dark and would look better with painting, but I shudder to think of how disrupted our lives would be if we removed them and painted them anew. It is too intimidating a prospect. You are brave!

    • The kitchen looked like a wreck with no cabinet doors, but it wasn’t really all that bad. I am SO much happier with them white, since that dark wood made my small kitchen look downright tiny and closed-in. Since we only have one kitchen window, the mint and white really brighten the place up! :)

  • I love this. And now I know who to send all my questions and before photos to when/if we ever tackle our kitchen! I *despise* making those kinds of decisions!

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