5 Summer Meals from 5 Chicken Breasts


I’m so excited, my friends!


Do you remember when we made five meals from five chicken breasts a couple years back? Many of you probably do, as it was one of my most-popular posts ever.


Well, I have five MORE recipes you can create using five bone-in chicken breasts. These meals are delicious, cover a wide flavor palate, and are light and bright enough for the hot summer season.


The chicken preparation method is very similar to that we used for the last set, so, if you’ve mastered that, you’re all set. If not? No worries. I’ll review it as we go about making these delicious meals.


Interested in what we’re going to be cooking up? I hope so! Here’s the plan:







Each of these meals will serve four “average” appetites. If you have very small children? They’ll serve more. If you have a troop of hungry teenage boys? You might need to make more. You know your family better than I do, so adjust accordingly. To make the recipes the way they’re written, you’ll need a total of five chicken breasts to make all five meals.


Your assignment? Get your hands on some bone-in chicken breasts in the next few dayswe’ll be prepping it all on Friday. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a list of other items you will need to complete these recipes. Next week? We’ll cook them.


I look forward to having lots of you join me in this money-saving, super-tasty journey.



–The shopping list for ingredients needed for all these meals can be found right here.

–All prep instructions for the chicken in these meals can be found right here.

–All of the above photos are now clickable to get the recipes for each chicken meal!

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