“My Story… ” Monday: Flashback

Happy Monday!


I’ll be back to “People Who’ve Made Me Who I Am” very, very soon– I have a great one in the works about an important person in A’s life.


In the meantime, however, I wanted to jump way, WAY back in time. Over seven years back in time, in fact– well before I ever even thought of starting this-here blog.


Still, I wrote. And I wrote for an audience. Through the medium of a CaringBridge page, I shared our journey. Today, I thought it’d be fun to take you back in time with me. Just to give you a tiny taste of what our NICU time was like, here are the entries from a period of two days. This was when C. was just about a week old…



  • Written Jan 2, 2006 12:18pm
    Things are going well here. C. gained weight for the second day in a row and continues to do well with her feedings!! We’ll keep you updated as we have more news.


  • Written Jan 2, 2006 10:15pm
    hello, everyone! well, c. is just over 1 lb 6 oz at the moment and we’re hoping that number goes up tomorrow! she struggled with her very low ventilator settings last night so they’ve upped them a little bit and she’s resting and breathing comfortably. they refer to this as the “preemie roller coaster” and it seems to be a very real phenomena. it’s hard to face the ups and downs but all her nurses (who are amazing by the way) assure us that she is still doing amazingly well for a preemie… a micro-preemie no less! she’s snuggled into pink flannel right now and seems to be having sweet dreams. we thank God for our beautiful children every day. (speaking of a, he’s a real trooper through all this… especially considering the poor guy’s teething right now!) we’ll update as soon as we can!



  • Written Jan 3, 2006 3:41pm

    well, today is one of those down days on the preemie roller coaster… little c. seems to be sick and they’re not sure if it’s pneumonia or a blood infection. this is par for the course for preemies and they are treating her with some strong antibiotics and working hard to make it easier for her to breathe and relax. she’s been temporarily taken off of breast milk to allow her whole little system to relax. it’s been recommended to us that we place our hands very gently on her– that this is calming. we’re trying to stay optimistic and are just glad she is in very capable hands. thank you all for your continuing prayers…


  • Written Jan 4, 2006 11:45am
    they seem to have determined that c. has a bacterial infection which they continue to treat. she’s stable and doing o.k. it’s just a wait and see game now. she’ll have her 2nd head ultrasound today to make sure she has no intercranial bleeding and they also have to do a spinal tap to ensure there is no infection in her spine. i have been assured this is actually an easy process with a little baby. keep the prayers coming anyway, please! her weight is at 590 grams, which is pretty much what we expected, so that’s ok. hopefully, she’ll resume breast milk feeds tomorrow…


  • Written Jan 4, 2006 11:18pm
  • just a really quick update on c’s head ultrasound– the small bleed that they picked up last week seems to be going away on its own. they will continue to monitor it, but it looks like there are no problems there which is a huge relief! she’s hanging in there and working on getting over her infection. a. is hanging in there and working on getting some teeth! we are blessed with two beautiful, strong children.

Roller coaster, indeed.

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4 comments to “My Story… ” Monday: Flashback

  • Susan

    I’ve so been there with you. The calls in the middle of the night telling you to come to the hospital because this could be the end…Horrible 6 months for us with not go great 2 more years after. When Matthew was six weeks old, my brother (who is a preemie respiratory therapist) told me that I would laugh about this whole situation two years from now. I was obsessed with the gain or loss of one ounce of weight. Well, it wasn’t two years later, but I eventually did laugh about the whole situation. Think about how blessed we really are. We ended up with amazing kids.

    • Oh, you are so right. And I remember that obsession with weight so very well. Even a few grams lost was cause for concern. What a blessing to have strong, healthy, thriving children now!

  • My own C is actually 10months old now. I can’t FATHOM dealing with a micropreemie and her… I’m sure it’s a “you do what you gotta do” thing, but wow. Just wow.

    • That’s exactly it, Amy. I can’t even tell you how many people have told me, “I don’t know how you did XYZ… I couldn’t.” But, the thing is– they could. Because they’d have to. No one in their right mind would choose it, but you do what you gotta do!

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