How do I love thee? Leaving it to me.


“My husband does all the cooking,” she told us. “If Mommy has to cook, the kids know they’re getting pancakes!”


Laughter all around.


“Oh, here too!” another mom remarked.


And that was all good. See, I have no issue whatsoever with whatever division of labor works in a household. I am not one who believes “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” or that men are culinarily inept or any such thing. But, still, I smiled and said nothing.


Because what would they have thought if I told them that my husband cooks absolutely nothing in our home? That I make sure every single meal of the day is prepared for them? How would they have reacted to learn that, not only do I cook every single dinner we eat here, but I also pack his lunch each and every day? Would they realize that…


That’s just exactly how I want it.


A woman’s place might not be in the kitchen, but it’s one of my very favorite places to be.


I love to cook. I love to bake. I have my kitchen “just so” so I know where everything is. I painstakingly plan grocery trips to stay within budget and ensure we have the right amount of food to get us through the right number of meals. I can’t have someone just going haphazard with it all in the quest to make something– it’d throw my whole organized plan off.


And, so, he leaves it to me.


He helps me arrive at a budget and increases it when he sees me start to beat myself up. He tosses out ideas for meals that might sound good each month and is excited when I make them. He contentedly eats what I set before him and asks “Is there more?” if it’s something he’s enjoying, while understanding that, well, sometimes there may not be more meat, but I’ve still got bread or veggies, if he’s hungry.


I’m probably not going to impress all the other mommies at story hour by telling them my husband doesn’t do any of the cooking. I probably don’t look like the best portrait of a strong, independent woman. Some probably think our relationship is horribly old-fashioned.


But I don’t mind.


Leaving the cooking to me? Is actually one of the ways he loves me.


How about that?

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5 comments to How do I love thee? Leaving it to me.

  • mlearley

    I think it’s great! There is nothing absolutely nothing wrong with your joy in cooking for your man! :) My husband only cooks when it’s omlets (not a fan of making those) or on the grill and most of the time I don’t mind. If he’s home, he plays with the girls while I cook so it all works out for us. I don’t mind being in the kitchen.

  • I have to say that I do 99% of the cooking at my house too, and that’s just how I like it. I will say that if my husband does cook anything, its usually something on the grill in the summer, and its always something I have prepared and all he has to do is cook! Glad I’m not alone! I also pack my husbands lunch every day for him, I feel like its the least I can do for the man that lets me stay home with our children!

  • I do pretty much all of the cooking at our house, too, and am happy to do it. I even enjoy doing all of the laundry! I wish someone else would help clean the kitchen, though … cooking can make such a mess!

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