How do I love thee? Baby stealer.


Our Moms’ Ministry group was hosting the Coffee & Donuts after Mass that day. She and I had signed up to do the 7:30am service since it’s the one we regularly attend.


After most of the crowds has dispersed, we were gathering dirty mugs and tidying up. Needing her hands free, she set her adorable 7-month-old down for a minute.


That’s all it took.


We were in the kitchen, but I heard the conversation happening just outside the door. An older man had approached my husband.


“Your kids are all so cute. They’re all really good.”


“What’s this little guy’s name?”

“Um… Matt? I think it’s Matt.”

“You… think?”

“Oh, well, he’s not mine!”


And so it goes when you’re married to a baby stealer. It had taken only seconds before my guy had scooped that baby boy up into his arms.


I see so many couples where the husband just naturally steps back and allows the wife to hold the babies. Oh, plenty of men will hold newborns and I daresay most enjoy holding their own babies, but I don’t often see them rush to get the tiny ones into their arms.


My husband beats me every time.


Not one bit uncomfortable with the newborn and infant set, he reaches for them automatically. He’ll take crying babies during church. He’ll pace the floor with gassy little ones. He’ll bounce and rock and soothe any baby that comes his way.


My best friend has had three babies, and he’s managed to hold every single one of them before I have.


Baby stealer.


There are times it’s kind of maddening, to be honest. I mean… I like holding babies, too!


But I also have to admit that I love it. I love how at ease he is with tiny babies. I love how naturally he reaches for them. I love how calm and confident and competent he is with them. There’s none of that stiffness you sometimes see when people hold newborns.


It’s true. I married a baby stealer.


And I think it’s kind of hot. ;)

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1 comment to How do I love thee? Baby stealer.

  • mlearley

    Sounds so much like my husband! Our one friend had a calicy baby and we visited one night during her screaming fits. Eventually Chris asked to hold the baby and about 2 minutes later she calmed down and fell asleep in his arms. Our friend wanted to keep him! :) He was always the one who could settle our little ones when they were super cranky.

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